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Child, foal, a "son" (sometimes of animals), used very widely of immediate, remote or figuratively, kinship

Greek: υἱός, huios (G5207)

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Here are child, foal, son and related words in the Bible. What does the source Greek word υἱός mean and how is it used in the Bible? Below are the English definition details. Also below are examples within Bible verses highlighted in yellow (follow this link to go there). Tap or hover on blue, underlined words to see more original scripture and meanings. Information sourced from Strong's Concordance[1].

Definition Details

Strong's Number: G5207

Greek Base Word: υἱός

Usage: Child, foal, son

Definition: A "son" (sometimes of animals), used very widely of immediate, remote or figuratively, kinship.

Detailed definition:

  1. A son.
    1. Rarely used for the young of animals.
    2. Generally used of the offspring of men.
    3. In a restricted sense, the male offspring (one born by a father and of a mother).
    4. In a wider sense, a descendant, one of the posterity of any one,.
      1. The children of Israel.
      2. Sons of Abraham.
    5. Used to describe one who depends on another or is his follower.
      1. A pupil.
  2. Son of man.
    1. Term describing man, carrying the connotation of weakness and mortality.
    2. Son of man, symbolically denotes the fifth kingdom in Daniel 7:13 and by this term its humanity is indicated in contrast with the barbarity and ferocity of the four preceding kingdoms (the Babylonian, the Median and the Persian, the Macedonian, and the Roman) typified by the four beasts.
    3. Used by Christ himself, doubtless in order that he might intimate his Messiahship and also that he might designate himself as the head of the human race, the man, the one who both furnished the pattern of the perfect man and acted on behalf of all mankind.
  3. Son of God.
    1. Used to describe Adam (see Luke 3:38).
    2. Used to describe those who are born again (see Luke 20:36) and of angels and of Jesus Christ.
    3. Of those whom God esteems as sons, whom he loves, protects and benefits above others.
      1. In the Old Testament used of the Jews.
      2. In the New Testament of Christians.
      3. Those whose character God, as a loving father, shapes by chastisements (Hebrews 12:5–8).
    4. Those who revere God as their father, the pious worshipers of God, those who in character and life resemble God, those who are governed by the Spirit of God, repose the same calm and joyful trust in God which children do in their parents (see Romans 8:14, Galatians 3:26), and hereafter in the blessedness and glory of the life eternal will openly wear this dignity of the sons of God.

Derived terms: Apparently a primary word.

Comments: Christ seems to have preferred the title "Son of Man" to the other Messianic titles because, by its lowliness, it was least suited to foster the expectation of an earthly Messiah in royal splendor. The term "Son" is used preeminently of Jesus Christ, as enjoying the supreme love of God, united to him in affectionate intimacy, privy to his saving councils, obedient to the Father's will in all his acts.


  1. Biblical International Phonetic Alphabet: hyˈos
  2. Modern International Phonetic Alphabet: juˈows
  3. Transliteration: huios
  4. Biblical Pronunciation: hoo-OSE
  5. Modern Pronunciation: yoo-OSE

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