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Elisha brings a Shunammite widower's dead son back to life. By Pleshanov Pavel Fedorovich, 1854 Image Source

2 Kings Summary

Second Kings continues covering a succession of kings in Judah in the south and Israel in the north. Israel is attacked by Assyria for not paying tribute and it's people are deported to Assyria. Judah eventually falls to king Nebuchadnezzar's forces after rebelling against the king of Babylon and the people are exiled.

Second Kings is one of a series of books (along with First Kings, Joshua, Judges, First Samuel and Second Samuel) which covers the theological history of the Israelites and explains God's law under the guidance of the prophets.

Most Popular Verse in 2 Kings 
Most Popular Verse in 2 Kings with 1,300 average monthly searches on Google.

After After Elijah cures Namaan, a commander of the Syrian army of his leprosy, he declines Namaan's offers of gifts. Image Source


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