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In a dream, God promises Solomon wisdom to lead the people of Israel. Dream of Solomon: Luca Giordano (circa 1694-1695) Image Source

2 Chronicles Summary

Second Chonicles continues the story of First Chonicles with king David dying and Solomon taking over as a prosperous king.

Second Chronicles continues from First Chronicles with chapters 1 to 9 covering the history of Israel under king David and Solomon. After King David dies his son Solomon takes over as the king. The story of the divided kingdom makes up the remainder of Second Chronicles. Similarities are drawn between David and Solomon (David becomes king, establishes Israel capital in Jerusalem and fights the wars that will enable the Temple to be built, then Solomon becomes king, builds and dedicates the Temple, and reaps the rewards of peace and prosperity).

The two Books of Chronicles (whose name is derived from 5th century scholar Jerome, who referred to the book as a the Latin chronikon and whose Hebrew title is Divrei Hayyamim meaning "The Matters [of] the Days") are the final books of the modern Hebrew Bible and the 13th and 14th books in the King James Old Testament. They present a broad historical overview from the first human Adam up to the period of King Cyrus the Great (540 BC).

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