QuotesCosmos Principles
Questions We Ask to Serve You Better

At QuotesCosmos, we connect you to quotations and sayings to make your life better in the long run. These principles posed as questions we ask ourselves along every step of the way. They help guide decisions we make everyday to better serve you. Following these principles guides and strengthens our mission and ensures we provide you information with lasting value.


How can we better help you?

We strive to serve you as best as possible, seeking to increasingly please and uplift you for our common, interdependent good.


How can we better serve you?

We continuously seek to improve our services to you. We always serve the most relevant and complimentary quotes available. We base a large degree of our service quality on feedback from you. So, if you have any criticism, feedback, or ideas, by all means, please, let us know what's on your mind.


How can we serve you more efficiently?

We value efficiency and economy of use. We want you to find what you're after as easily as possible so you can live your life more.


How can we give you more choices?

We value diversity and the tension between various perspectives. As such, we seek to present a plurality of voices and ideas to broaden your options and viewpoints.


What other ways/ means/ mediums can we serve you through?

We serve our pages to the widest range of devices possible and optimize for mobile (the greatest growth segment). We are open to developing other options (e.g. virtual reality, smart devices) to serve you and may pursue those options as they become viable.


How can we serve you over the long-term?

At present, we use advertising to monetize our services. As of July, 2017 we have not been paid a single cent. We have no other source of income to date. We seek to display tasteful ads of a reasonable, non-distracting number. To donate, please contact us. Your financial help is most welcome and will help to improve the site.


How can we bring you more joy and fun?

We commit to nurturing our own, and your own, unique self. We have fun challenging ourselves to grow and hope to inspire you in kind. Our enduring motivation is to improve the conditions of our (yours and our) lives while making our life journeys as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

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