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19 People

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Alternative metal About 2 people

Alternative rock About 15 people

American folk music About 3 people

Blues About 7 people

Blues rock About 6 people

Contemporary R&B About 3 people

Country music About 17 people

Country pop About 4 people

Country rock About 3 people

Electronic music About 2 people

Experimental music About 2 people

Experimental rock About 3 people

Folk music About 7 people

Folk rock About 12 people

Garage rock About 2 people

Heavy metal music About 3 people

Hip hop music About 8 people

Indie folk About 3 people

Indie pop About 3 people

Indie rock About 5 people

Industrial metal About 2 people

Jazz About 15 people

New wave music About 3 people

Pop music About 19 people

Pop rock About 10 people

Power pop About 2 people

Progressive rock About 2 people

Protopunk About 2 people

Psychedelic rock About 2 people

Punk rock About 7 people

Reggae About 3 people

Rhythm and blues About 10 people

Rock and roll About 5 people

Rockabilly About 3 people

Shock rock About 2 people

Soft rock About 5 people

Soul music About 11 people

Swing music About 4 people