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Walter Raymond Spalding (1865-1962) graduated from Harvard College with an AB in 1887; graduated from Harvard University with an AM in 1888. He taught Music at Harvard from 1895-1932 and was Chair of the Music Department from 1906-1932. He is the author of the book Music at Harvard, published in 1935.

Born: 1865

Died: 1962

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"The significant development of the Harvard Band is chiefly attributable to the artistic skill and enterprise of Leroy Anderson. Anderson has a remarkable inborn sense of rhythm and magnetic authority as a conductor. While in college he was a ranking student in the Department of Music and has no small skill as a composer, as may be seen from his exciting potpourri Wintergreen for President, including tunes by Gershwin and some of his own."Spalding, Walter Raymond: Music at Harvard, New York: Coward-McCann, 1935

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