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Phil Brown (born 30 May 1959) was born in South Shields. He is a former professional footballer, mainly at Bolton Wanderers where he also became coach. In 2005 he became team manager of Derby County, where he developed his own particular variant of the English language, commonly known as 'Brownish'. His unusual syntactic structure often baffles the untrained ear, disorientating the listener. He was sacked from Derby in January 2006 and made manager of Hull City later that year. In his second season at Hull, he led the Tigers to promotion to the top flight for the first time in their history.

Born: 1959

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You've got a good manager.
'''Seriously if I had a gun I would have shot the plane down.
I have spoken to the referee and I spoke to him like a man.
'''It's hard to say how long he'll be out but he's 100 per cent doubtful for the weekend, that's for sure.
It's my job not always to put square pegs in square holes but sometimes to put the odd square peg in a round hole.
'''They will carry us over the finishing line every so often, and we’ll carry them over the line other times. It’s a mutual respect at the moment.
It was a fantastic result and credit has to go to the players. The application they have shown since I got the job has been first class. They've just asked for four or five days off this week, but I've said I want them back in on Tuesday.
It's Colchester's cup final.
We impacted upon the substitutions.
The whole team needs solidifying.
They will watch his decision-making process.
We're knocking on the door of success.
The walking wounded are starting to walk.
I don't know what Murdo's talking about.
We used the home advantage to our advantage.
'''For me today, Hull City beat Hull City.
The way they questioned my decisions was absolutely disgraceful.
His Prozone stats are often in the 80s, 90s.
It's vitally important that as manager you make decisions.
Unfortunately we've come on the end of a loss.
Today's draw is another little brick in the wall.
'''It's important that you win games at any level.
Inigo is, without a shadow of a doubt, a player.
He will hopefully bring a mentality in both penalty boxes.
We've got 8 points from 4 games. That's automatic promotion form.
You have to be horrible when you haven't got the ball.
We gave ourselves a hill to climb and we climbed it.
Inigo limped out of training but it was a precautionary limp out.
I'm not saying alarm bells are ringing at this moment in time.
That's a lot of hard work gone under the water, under the bridge.
If that's foreign strength or that's English strength, it doesn't matter to me.
They know, in that changing room, that the strength is that changing room.
I asked for 11 men and I asked for 5 men as substitutes.
Stern is a goalscorer but did not score for us in seven games.
The plans we put in place this week have gone according to plan.
The fans were asking me "was I watching?". Of course I was watching.
'''The fans are starting to get disgruntled with the board, with the players.
'''This is the start of the season for us - an 11-game season
'''I know my best team, but my best team has got 15 players in it.
Nick has thrown his hat into the ring and I've had a long chat with him
If one or two do go out, hopefully the players we get in will be better players.
All the boxes are ticked. The yeses and the positives are coming back from the medical department.
There was pride in the shirt. There was sweat in the shirt. There was blood in the shirt.
The players have got to know that we are not firing at them by the seat of our pants.
If we stand still, we're going backwards. We've got to keep moving forward and appear to be moving forward.
I've got to try and educate not only the players but the Derby fans and the board of directors that...
The lads are on top of the ground at the moment and they look as though they're looking forward to tomorrow.
'''In any game, you get pictures and at half time there were 11 players who had half a shirt for Saturday.
Those are the pictures you want from pre-season, so although we beat a Premiership side, I can take those away with me.
If I get the good pictures I was getting at the beginning of the season, Lee Holmes will be knocking at the door.
'''When you compare the changing room to last season, there is a massive, massive difference. The changing room now is full of men
'''Thirty minutes into the game, I was quite comfortable. Then they [...] got two goals back-to-back which certainly turned the game in their favour.
Dean Marney has also thrown his hat into the ring after Saturday. The more hats there are in the ring, the harder my job is
'''We were very hopeful of getting Fraizer all the way through. We'll keep in-house what went on, but we were involved with Fraizer until the moment he went to Tottenham.
Lee has been with the physio all week and hasn't trained. David Livermore has trained so the shoe is on the other foot there and he has thrown his hat into the ring.
'''The other night was like when my daughter was being born and I was in the waiting room. You are waiting for good news and obviously the good news didn't come through this time.
Phil Brown (footballer)
• 20-Feb-2009, Hull Daily Mail
• Waiting for news on Jimmy Bullard's knee injury. Unfortunately, it turned out Bullard wasn't even pregnant.
• Source: Wikiquote: "Phil Brown (footballer)" (Sourced)
If you score first, you have a 75 per cent chance of not losing the game. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out that you have to get off to a good start and score.
It was his elbow. He landed on his elbow. I've just had a little joke with Andy. He went on and pulled off the best two headers of the game with an injured shoulder, arm, whatever it was.
Phil Brown (footballer)
• 26-Dec-2005, Radio Derby
• Phil gives a definitive answer to which part of Andrew Davies' anatomy was injured - then talks himself out of it.
• Source: Wikiquote: "Phil Brown (footballer)" (Sourced)
His manager is a former player of Derby County and is recommending that Derby County is the place to be, that guy being Mikkel Beck. He speaks very highly of me. It's ongoing again. These scenarios take time.
'''I'm looking forward to the game because I think it will be a great spectacle. [...] He's the type of guy that can pull a rabbit out of the hat every so often and I'll be watching out for that.
'''The way the game is, players come to a football club with baggage. Whether that's positive or negative, they come to a new club with some luggage. Tony's baggage over the last four or five years has been not playing so many games at Tottenham.
'''He had his hands full with Adi Akinbiyi when he came on, he had his hands full with Andy Gray from the start and in other ways he had his hands full with Kyle Lafferty and Robbie Blake as well. He's had four or five strikers coming at him and he's stood up to them manfully.
'''I remember being asked at various stages last season "Would you take 17th place now?". Come the last game of the season, the answer was definitely yes. At the start of the season, then the answer was probably yes. But looking back at the season as a whole, then the answer is probably between yes and no.
'''You get pictures in pre-season. You get pictures of fitness, you get pictures of attitude, you get pictures of mentality, you get pictures of systems and the way players play and you also get pictures of whether people can step up to the plate in the Premier League. I was getting all those pictures in the first half
At this moment in time, it's pointing in the direction that the players aren't good enough, to be able to (i) take on the instructions that we give them and (ii) deal with the situation when the pressure is turned up - and it's disappointing. OK, there's a disappointing group of players in there but you keep on shooting yourself in the foot week in and week out. Something has to change.

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