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Moses Golola (Born 22 May 1980) is a Ugandan kickboxer and actor who demonstrated the power of personal branding with his loud, verbose and hilarious speech. He successfully marketed the sport in Uganda and later became the East and Central Africa Kickboxing Champion among other triumphs.

Born: May 22nd, 1980

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I am not a joking subject!
My energy is now volcanic, it keeps erupting!
The whole Uganda knows me, because of him.
If I need someone to kick you, I go to Moses...
About Moses Golola
• Lyrics by Navio, a Ugandan rapper in his song "Hot Temper" which also features Golola's vocals
• Source: Wikiquote: "Moses Golola" (Quotes about Golola)
When the colonialists heard about the birth of Golola Moses, they immediately granted Uganda independence.
Moses Golola
• Joke by Golola in his Letter to Pablo, a Ugandan Stand-up Comedian who also marketed the Stand-up Comedy Industry with his jokes
• Source: Wikiquote: "Moses Golola" (Quotes by Golola)
Right from when I was an amateur, I loved kickboxing. I used to feel sad because the game had no sponsors.
The show was meant to last for an hour, but we extended it to two, he had that appeal. I realised he could use his funny side to promote his sporty side.
Amazina gozina, olinga azanya karati! Ako okawubyemu nga Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Golola Mosesi... (Luganda for: The dance you're doing, you appear like you're playing karate! That you waved it in like Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Golola Moses...)
About Moses Golola
• Lyrics by Coco Finger in the song "Ladies Night" by DJ Shiru which also features Jackie Chandiru, Witty Witty, Eddy Kenzo, AK47, Navio and Ronnie Banton
• Source: Wikiquote: "Moses Golola" (Quotes about Golola)
I later saw Afande Tugume on television saying funny things. I don't know whether it was his accent or he meant it but instead of saying: "The match was unfair!", he said: "The match was an affair!". Now my girlfriend wants to call off our kwanjula because of his statements on national television.

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