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L. Neil Smith100Lester Neil Smith III (born 12 May 1946), also known by his nickname El Neil, is a libertarian science fiction author and political activist, whose works include the novels Pallas, The Forge of the Elders, and The Probablity Broach, each of which won the Libertarian Futurist Society's annual Prometheus Award for best libertarian novel.
L. S. Lowry12Laurence Stephen Lowry (1 November 1887 – 23 February 1976) was an English artist born in Stretford, Lancashire
L'Enclos, Ninon de1Anne "Ninon" de l'Enclose (10 November 1620 – 17 October 1705) was a French author, courtesan, and patron of the arts.
L'Engle, Madeleine77Madeleine L'Engle (November 29, 1918 – September 6, 2007), born Madeleine L'Engle Camp, was an American writer and poet most famous for her children's books, including the Newbery Medal-winning winning A Wrinkle in Time. An Episcopalian, her works for both adults and children are products of her strong Christian universalist faith and an intense interest in modern science.
La Barre, Weston5Raoul Weston La Barre (13 December 1911 – March 1996) was an American anthropologist, best known for his work in ethnobotany, particularly with regard to Native-American religion, and for his application of psychiatric and psychoanalytic theories to ethnography.
La Boétie, Étienne de4Étienne de La Boétie (1 November 1530 – 18 August 1563) was a French judge, political philosopher, and anarchist.
La Bruyere, Jean de58Jean de La Bruyère (16 August 1645 – 10 May 1696) was a French essayist and moralist.
La Fayette, Gilbert du Motier, marquis de16Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette (September 6 1757 – May 20 1834), often referred to simply as Lafayette, was a French and American military officer and aristocrat who participated in the American Revolution as a general and served in the Estates General and the subsequent National Constituent Assembly in the early phases of the French Revolution.
La Fayette, Madame de1Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne, comtesse de La Fayette (baptized March 18, 1634 – May 25, 1693) was a French writer, the author of La Princesse de Clèves, France's first historical novel and one of the earliest novels in literature.
La Fontaine, Jean de43Jean de La Fontaine (July 8 1621 – April 13 1695) is the most famous French fabulist and probably the most widely read French poet of the 17th century.
Laar, Mart4Mart Laar (born 22 April 1960) is an Estonian statesman, historian and economist. He was the Prime Minister of Estonia from 1992 to 1994 and from 1999 to 2002. A staunch follower of the economic policies of Milton Friedman, Laar is credited with having brought about Estonia’s rapid economic development and recovery in the 1990s.
Lababidi19Yahia Lababidi (born 1973) is an aphorist and Pushcart-nominated poet with work appearing in such publications as World Literature Today, Cimarron Review, AGNI, Hotel Amerika, Rain Taxi and Philosophy Now. His first book, Signposts to Elsewhere (Jane Street Press) was selected as a Book of the Year, 2008, by The Independent (UK). Meantime, his latest works are, "Trial by Ink: From Nietzsche to Belly Dancing" a collection of literary and cultural essays, as well as "Fever Dreams" a poetry collection from Crisis Chronicles Press. To date, Lababidi’s writing has been translated into Arabic, Slovak, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and Turkish.
Laborit, Henri1Henri Laborit (21 November 1914 – 18 May 1995) was a French physician, writer and philosopher.
Lackey, Mercedes3Mercedes Ritchie Lackey (born June 24, 1950) is a best-selling American fantasy writer. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and fellow writer, Larry Dixon.
Lactantius2Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius (c. 240 – c. 320) was an early Christian author who became an advisor to the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine I
Ladd, George Trumbull3George Trumbull Ladd (January 19, 1842 – August 8, 1921) was an American philosopher, educator and psychologist.
Laertius, Diogenes109Diogenes Laërtius (probably 3rd century AD), native of Laerte in Cilicia, was a biographer of ancient Greek philosophers. His Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, in ten books, is still extant and is an important source of information on the development of Greek philosophy. The period when he lived is not exactly known, but it is supposed to have been during the reigns of Septimius Severus and Caracalla.
Lafargue, Paul2Paul Lafargue (January 15, 1842 – November 26, 1911) was a French revolutionary Marxist socialist journalist, literary critic, political writer and activist; he was Karl Marx's son-in-law, having married his second daughter Laura.
Laffer, Arthur1Arthur Betz Laffer (born August 14, 1940) is an American economist who first gained prominence during the Reagan administration as a member of Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board (1981–89). Laffer is best known for the Laffer curve, an illustration of the theory that there exists some tax rate between 0% and 100% that will result in maximum tax revenue for governments. Laffer is Policy Co-Chairman (with Lawrence "Larry" Kudlow) of the Free Enterprise Fund.
Lafferty, R. A.102Raphael Aloysius Lafferty (November 7 1914 – March 18 2002) was an American absurdist science fiction and fantasy writer, famous for his humorous use of metaphor, narrative structure, and language in his very peculiar forms of etymological wit.
Lafleur, Guy4Guy Damien Lafleur OC CQ (born September 20, 1951) is a former professional ice hockey player and is widely regarded as one of the most naturally gifted and popular players ever to play professional ice hockey. Between 1971 and 1991, he played for the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Quebec Nordiques in an NHL career spanning 17 seasons and five Stanley Cup championships.
Lagarde, Paul de7Paul Anton de Lagarde (2 November 1827 – 22 December 1891) was a German polymath, biblical scholar and orientalist. He has been cited as one of the greatest orientalists of the 19th century. The bitterness of his extreme antisemitism appeared in his writing.
Lagerfeld, Karl1Karl Otto Lagerfeldt (born 10 September 1933) is a German fashion designer, artist and photographer.
Lagerlöf, Selma2Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf (20 November 1858 – 16 March 1940) was a Swedish author. She was the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Lagos, Cristhiam1Cristhiam Lagos Navarro (born 17 August 1984) is a Costa Rican footballer who plays for C.S. Herediano
Lagrange, Joseph Louis8Joseph-Louis Lagrange, comte de l'Empire (January 25, 1736 – April 10, 1813) was an Italian-French mathematician and astronomer who made important contributions to all fields of analysis and number theory and to classical and celestial mechanics.
Laimbeer, Bill1William Laimbeer, Jr. (born May 19, 1957, in Boston, Massachusetts) is currently the head coach of the Detroit Shock in the WNBA, and is also a former basketball player in the NBA.
Laing, Ronald David32Ronald David Laing (October 7, 1927 – August 23, 1989) was a Scottish psychiatrist who wrote extensively on mental illness and particularly the experience of psychosis.
Lakatos, Imre 8Imre Lakatos (November 9, 1922 – February 2, 1974) was a Hungarian philosopher of mathematics and science, known for his thesis of the fallibility of mathematics and its 'methodology of proofs and refutations' in its pre-axiomatic stages of development, and also for introducing the concept of the 'research programme' in his methodology of scientific research programmes.
Lakoff, George4George P. Lakoff (born 24 May 1941) is a professor of cognitive linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught since 1972. In recent years he has applied his work to the realm of politics.
Lala Lajpat Rai1Lala Lajpat Rai (28 January 1865 – 17 November 1928, Punjabi: ਲਾਲਾ ਲਜਪਤ ਰਾਇ, Urdu: لالا لاجپت راے;) was an Indian author, freedom fighter and politician who is chiefly remembered as a leader in the Indian fight for freedom from the British Raj.
LaLane, Jack26Francois Henri "Jack" LaLanne (September 26, 1914 – January 23, 2011) was an American fitness, exercise and nutritional expert. He described himself as being a "sugarholic" and a "junk food junkie" until he was 15. He also had behavioral problems, but "turned his life around" after listening to a public lecture by Paul Bragg, a well-known nutrition speaker. During his career, he came to believe that the country's overall health depended on the health of its population, writing that "physical culture and nutrition — is the salvation of America.
Lamarr, Hedy4Hedy Lamarr (9 November 1913 – 19 January 2000) was an Austrian-born American actress. Though known primarily for her great beauty on camera, she also co-invented an early form of spread spectrum communications technology, a key to modern wireless communication.
Lamarr, Mark1Mark Lamarr (born 7 January 1967) is an English comedian, radio DJ and television presenter. He is best known for hosting the BBC Two comedy panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks and his BBC Radio2 shows God's Jukebox and Shake, Rattle and Roll.
LaMarsh, Judy32Julia Verlyn (Judy) LaMarsh, PC, OC, QC (December 20, 1924 – October 27, 1980) was a Canadian politician, lawyer, author and broadcaster. In 1963, she was only the second woman to ever serve as a federal Cabinet Minister. Under Prime Minister Lester Pearson's minority governments of the middle and late 1960s, she helped push-through the legislation that created the Canada Pension Plan and Medicare.
Lamartine, Alphonse de12Alphonse Marie Louise Prat de Lamartine (Alphonse-Marie-Louis de Prat de Lamartine) (October 21, 1790 – February 28, 1869) was a French writer, poet, and politician.
Lamb, Charles79Charles Lamb (February 10, 1775 – December 27, 1834) was an English essayist and poet, best known for his Essays of Elia and for the children's book Tales from Shakespeare, which he produced along with his sister, Mary Lamb.
Lamb, George1George Lamb (Date of birth 1979-12-20)
Lamb, Willis7Willis Eugene Lamb, Jr. (July 12, 1913 – May 15, 2008) was a physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1955 "for his discoveries concerning the fine structure of the hydrogen spectrum".
Lambert, Anne-Thérèse de Marguenat de Courcelles, marquise de23Anne-Thérèse de Marguenat de Courcelles (1647–1733), better known as the Marquise de Lambert, was a writer with a particular interest in education and was the hostess of a famous salon.
Lambert, Constant13Leonard Constant Lambert (23 August 1905 – 21 August 1951) was an English conductor, critic and modernist composer. In the 1920s he was among the first to write jazz-influenced classical music.
Lambert, Jack3John Harold "Jack" Lambert (born July 8, 1952) is a retired Hall of Fame American football player, who played his entire professional career as linebacker for the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. He was a member of four winning Super Bowl teams in his 11 year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and is recognized among fans of the team as one of the best players in team history.
Lamborghini, Ferruccio2Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini (April 28, 1916 – February 20, 1993) was an Italian industrialist, an important manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the midst of Italy's post-war economic reform, and the founder of Automobili Lamborghini, a maker of high-end sports cars.
Lamm, Norman9Norman (Nachum) Lamm (born 1927) is an American Modern Orthodox rabbi, scholar and Jewish communal leader. He is presently the Chancellor of Yeshiva University.
Lamont, Norman9Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont, Baron Lamont of Lerwick PC (born 8 May 1942) is a British Conservative politician who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in the government of John Major from 1990 to 1993. His term of office was not a happy one as the United Kingdom was in a recession, and it included the embarrassment of Black Wednesday on 16 September 1992 when the Pound Sterling was forced out of the exchange rate mechanism. After Lamont was dismissed in May 1993 he made clear his personal dislike of John Major. He lost his Parliamentary seat in the 1997 election and was subsequently made a Peer; in the House of Lords he has been a strong opponent of the European Union.
Lamott, Anne7Anne Lamott (born 10 April 1954) is an American novelist and non-fiction writer.
LaMotta, Jake3Giacobbe La Motta (born July 10, 1921), better known as Jake LaMotta, nicknamed "The Bronx Bull" and "The Raging Bull", is a former boxer who was world middleweight champion and whose life has been as controversial outside the ring as it was inside it. He was portrayed as the main character of Raging Bull by Robert De Niro.
Lamour, Dorothy1Dorothy Lamour (December 10, 1914 – September 22, 1996) was an American motion picture actress.
Lampard, Frank8Frank James Lampard, Jr., (born 20 June 1978) is an English football player currently at Chelsea and previously with West Ham United and Swansea City.
Lampedusa, Giuseppe Tomasi di9Giuseppe Tomasi, Duke of Palma di Montechiaro and Prince of Lampedusa (December 23, 1896 – July 23, 1957) was an Italian novelist, short-story writer and critic. He is best known for his posthumously published novel Il Gattopardo (The Leopard), which was filmed by Luchino Visconti in 1963.
Lampert, Laurence5Laurence Lampert (born 1941) is a Canadian philosopher and leading scholar in the field of Nietzsche studies. He was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Lampman, Archibald3Archibald Lampman (November 17, 1861 – February 10, 1899) was a Canadian poet.
Lanahan, John5John Lanahan (1815 – December 8, 1903) was an American preacher.
Land, Edwin38Edwin Herbert Land (May 7, 1909 – March 1, 1991) was an American scientist and inventor. Among other things, he invented inexpensive filters for polarizing light, a practical system of in-camera instant photography, and his retinex theory of color vision.
Landau, Edmund2Edmund Landau (1877–1938) was a German mathematician.
Landau, Lev3Lev Davidovich Landau (January 22 1908 – April 1 1968) was a Soviet physicist, who made fundamental contributions to many areas of theoretical physics.
Landis, Kenesaw Mountain2Kenesaw Mountain Landis (November 20, 1866 – November 25, 1944) was an American federal judge from 1905 to 1920, the year in which he was appointed the first commissioner of Major League Baseball. In that capacity, he was instrumental in restoring baseball's integrity in the wake of the 1919 Black Sox Scandal; he banned the eight culprits of the Scandal (including Shoeless Joe Jackson) from baseball for life. Landis would serve as commissioner until his death in 1944.
Landon, Letitia Elizabeth10Letitia Elizabeth Landon (August 14, 1802 – October 15, 1838) was an English poet and novelist, better known by her initials L. E. L.
Landor, Walter Savage20Walter Savage Landor (January 30 1775 – September 17 1864) was an English prose-writer on themes drawn from literary history, a verse-dramatist, and a poet.
Landowska, Wanda2Wanda Landowska (July 5, 1879 – August 16, 1959) was a Polish (later a naturalized French citizen) harpsichordist whose performances, teaching, recordings and writings played a large role in reviving the popularity of the harpsichord in the early 20th century. She was the first person to record Bach's Goldberg Variations on the harpsichord (1931).
Lane, David1David Christoper Lane (born April 29, 1956, in Burbank, California) is a religious scholar and professor of sociology and sociology. He is a noted critic of several new religious movements, gurus, and cults.
Lane, Eddie1Eddie Lane (born 13 October 1927) is an American songwriter.
Lane, Joseph1Joseph Lane (December 14, 1801 – April 19, 1881) was an American general during the Mexican-American War and a United States Senator from Oregon.
Lane, Nathan17Joseph Nathan Lane (born February 3, 1956) is a two-time Tony and Emmy Award-winning American actor of the stage and screen. He is perhaps best known for his roles as Albert in The Birdcage, Max Bialystock in the musical The Producers, Ernie Smuntz in Mousehunt and his voice work in The Lion King and Stuart Little.
Lane, Rose Wilder32Rose Wilder Lane (December 5 1886 – October 30 1968) was an American journalist, travel writer, novelist, and political theorist. Although her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, is now the better known writer, Lane's accomplishments remain remarkable. She is considered a seminal force behind the American Libertarian Party.
Lane, Shawn2Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003) was an American musician. He quickly became a noted player in underground guitar circles and joined Black Oak Arkansas when he was just fourteen years old.
Lang Lang3Lang Lang (Chinese: 郎朗; pinyin: Láng Lǎng; born 14 June 1982) is a Chinese concert pianist who has performed with leading orchestras in Europe, the United States and his native China.
Lang, Andrew7Andrew Lang (March 31 1844 – July 20 1912) was a Scottish poet, novelist, and literary critic, and contributor to anthropology. He now is best known as the collector of folk and fairy tales, including the works of Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and Hans Christian Andersen.
Lang, Jack1John Thomas Lang (21 December 1876 – 27 September 1975), usually referred to as J.T. Lang during his career, and familiarly known as "Jack" and nicknamed "The Big Fella", was an Australian politician who was Premier of New South Wales for two terms (1925–27, 1930–32). He is the only Premier of an Australian state to have been dismissed by the state Governor. Political parties: Australian Labor Party, Lang Labor, Non-Communist Labor.
Lang, Serge2Serge Lang (May 19, 1927 – September 12, 2005) was a French-born American mathematician.
Lang, Will, Jr.2William John Lang Jr. (1914–1968) was a journalist and a bureau head for Life magazine.
Langdon Smith18Langdon Smith (4 January 1858 – 8 April 1908) was an American journalist and poet, most famous today for his love poem "Evolution".
Lange, Antoni11Antoni Lange (1861 or 1863 – 17 March 1928) was an Polish poet, writer and translator.
Lange, Artie1Arthur Steven "Artie" Lange, Jr. (born October 11, 1967) is an American actor, comedian, radio personality and author. But he is also a devoted New York Giants fan.
Lange, David35David Lange (4 August 1942 – 13 August 2005) served as Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1984 to 1989. He headed New Zealand's fourth Labour Government, one of the most reforming administrations in his country's history, alongside Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble. Lange was renowned for a cutting wit and eloquence. His government implemented far-reaching free market reforms, some of which he later came to oppose and regret. Perhaps his most lasting legacy is New Zealand's Nuclear Free Legislation, which for many symbolised a moral, independent, powerful identity for New Zealand.
Lange, Dorothea3Dorothea Lange (May 25, 1895 – October 11, 1965) was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist best known for her Depression-era work.
Lange, Halvard 1Halvard Manthey Lange (1902–1970) was a Norwegian diplomat, politician and statesman.
Lange, Joep1Joseph Marie Albert "Joep" Lange (25 September 1954 – 17 July 2014) was a Dutch clinical researcher specialising in HIV therapy. He served as the president of the International AIDS Society from 2002 to 2004. He was also the founding chairman of PharmAccess Foundation until his death. He was a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down on 17 July 2014 over Ukraine.
Lange, Mike22Mike Lange (born March 3, 1948) is an ice hockey play-by-play broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL. He is known for colorful and bizarre expressions. His common sayings are referred to as "Langeisms." Lange was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on November 12, 2001.
Langer, Susanne7Susanne K. Langer (December 20, 1895 – July 17, 1985) was an American philosopher of art. She is best known for her 1942 book Philosophy in a New Key.
Langhorne, John1John Langhorne (March 1735 – 1 April 1779) was an English poet and clergyman, best known for his work on translating Plutarch's Lives.
Langland, William8William Langland (c. 1330 – c. 1395) was an English poet, known only by his Piers Plowman, an allegorical poem written in unrhymed alliterative verse which deals with moral and social themes. The dialect of Langland's poem shows him to have been a Midland man.
Langton, Chris11Chris Langton (born 1948) is an American computer scientist and one of the founders of the field of artificial life.
Lanier, Jaron13Jaron Lanier (born 3 May 1960) is an American computer scientist, musician, and writer on technology and society. He is considered one of the pioneers of virtual reality.
Lanmuir, Irving1Irving Langmuir (31 January 1881 – 16 August 1957) was an American chemist and physicist. His most noted publication was the famous 1919 article "The Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms and Molecules" in which, building on Gilbert N. Lewis's cubical atom theory and Walther Kossel's chemical bonding theory, he outlined his "concentric theory of atomic structure".
Lansky, Paul1Paul Lansky (born June 18, 1944) is one of the 'original' electronic music or computer music composers who has been producing works from the seventies right up to the present day.
Lantos, Tom1Tom Lantos (February 1, 1928 – February 11, 2008) was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from 1981 until his death, representing California's 12th congressional district, located in the southwest part of San Francisco and the area just south in San Mateo County. He is the chairman of the House International Relations Committee.
Laozi39老子 Lǎozǐ (c. 6th-5th century BCE) was a Chinese monist philosopher; also called Lao Zi, Lao Tzu, Lao Tse, or Lao Tze. The Tao Te Ching (道德經, Pinyin: Dào Dé Jīng, or Dao De Jing) represents the sole document generally attributed to Laozi.
Lapham, Lewis H.33Lewis H. Lapham (born January 8, 1935) is an American writer. He was the editor of the American monthly Harper's Magazine from 1976 until 1981, and from 1983 until 2006. He also is the founder of the eponymous publication about history and literature entitled Lapham's Quarterly.
Lapin, Nicole7Nicole Lapin (born March 7, 1984) is an American journalist and an anchor on CNN. She is the creator and host of "Young People Who Rock."
Laplace, Pierre-Simon18Pierre-Simon Laplace (23 March 1749 – 5 March 1827) was a French mathematician and astronomer, discoverer of the Laplace transform and Laplace's equation.
Larcom, Lucy18Lucy Larcom (March 5, 1824 – April 17, 1893) was an American poet whose idealistic poems caught the attention of John Greenleaf Whittier.
Lardner, Dionysius3Dionysius Lardner (April 3, 1793 – April 29, 1859) was an Irish scientific writer who popularised science and technology, and edited the 133-volume Cabinet Cyclopedia.
Lardner, Ring1Ringgold Wilmer Lardner (March 6, 1885 – September 25, 1933) was an American sports columnist and short story writer best known for his satirical takes on the sports world, marriage, and the theatre.
Larijani, Ali4Ali Ardashir Larijani (Persian: علی اردشیر لاریجانی; born 1958) was the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting for 1994–2004 and has been the secretary of Iran's National Security Council since 2005.
Larkin, Philip20Philip Arthur Larkin, CH, CBE, FRSL (9 August 1922 – 2 December 1985) was an English poet, novelist and librarian.
Laroche, Hermann1Hermann Laroche (May 25 1845 – October 18 1904) was a Russian banker, critic of classical music and composer who was renowned throughout Moscow
Larouche, Lyndon7Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. (born September 8, 1922, in Rochester, New Hampshire) is an American economist, philosopher, political campaigner and conspiracy theorist. He has founded several political organizations in the United States and elsewhere, cumulatively referred to as the LaRouche movement. He is a perennial candidate for President of the United States, having run in eight elections since 1976, once as a U.S. Labor Party candidate and seven times as a candidate for the United States Democratic Party.
Larov, Sergey16Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov (born 21 March 1950) is a Russian Armenian diplomat who has been the Foreign Minister of Russia since 2004. Apart from this, he is also known for his strong stance against the foreign military intervention against Syria, and Libya during the civil war. He has also opposed the sanctions of Syria, Iran, North Korea.
Larroquette, John1John Bernard Larroquette (born November 25, 1947) is an American film and television actor.
Larry the Cable Guy40Daniel Lawrence Whitney (born February 17, 1963), better known by the stage name Larry the Cable Guy, is an American stand-up comedian and actor. He is one of the co-stars of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, a comedy troupe which also includes Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Ron White, with whom he has starred on Blue Collar TV.
Larry Watson3Larry Watson (born 1947) is an American author of novels, short stories, and poetry.
Larsen, Kristine1Kristine M. Larsen (born May 13, 1963) is an American astronomer. She received an Excellence in Teaching Award from Central Connecticut State University in 2001.
Larson, Jonathan13Jonathan Larson (4 February 1960 – 25 January 1996) was an American composer and playwright, famous as a writer of musicals, including tick, tick... BOOM! (1990) and Rent (1996).
Larsson, Henrik Edward3Henrik Edward Larsson MBE (born September 20, 1971, in Helsingborg, Skåne, Sweden) is a Swedish football player.
Larter, Ali4Alison Elizabeth Larter (born February 28, 1976) is an American actress and former fashion model best known for her role on Heroes.
Lasker, Emanuel5Emanuel Lasker (December 24, 1868 – January 11, 1941) was a German-born chess grandmaster, mathematician and philosopher who was World Chess Champion for 27 years.
Lasn, Kalle6Kalle Lasn (born March 24, 1942) is the founder of Adbusters magazine, CEO of the Adbusters Media Foundation, and author of the books Culture Jam and Design Anarchy.
Laszlo, Ervin48Ervin László (born May 12, 1932) is a Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, originally a classical pianist. He has published about 75 books and over 400 papers, and is editor of World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution.
Latham, Mark9Mark Latham (born 28 February 1961), an Australian writer and former politician, who was leader of the Australian Labor Party from early 2004 to early 2005.
Lathrop, George Parsons1George Parsons Lathrop (25 August 1851 – 19 April 1898) was a poet, novelist and brother of Francis Lathrop.
Latimer, Elizabeth2Mary Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer (July 26, 1822 - January 4, 1904) American writer and translator.
Latimer, Hugh5Hugh Latimer (c. 1470 – 16 October 1555) was a British clergyman, Bishop of Worcester, and Protestant martyr during the reign of Mary I of England. He was burnt at the stake.
Laughlin, Robert8Robert Betts Laughlin (born November 1, 1950) is a professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Stanford University. Along with Horst L. Störmer of Columbia University and Daniel C. Tsui of Princeton University, he was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in physics for his explanation of the fractional quantum Hall effect.
Lauper, Cyndi3Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper (born June 22, 1953), better known as Cyndi Lauper, is a singer.
Laurell K. Hamilton29Laurell Kaye Hamilton (born February 19, 1963) is an American erotic horror and science fiction/fantasy writer. Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. In 2000, she branched out and started the new Merry Gentry series about a fairy princess turned private investigator. Her writing is characterized by vivid prose, strong first-character viewpoint, and explicit sex and violence.
Laurence Hope4Laurence Hope (9 April 1865 – 4 October 1904) was the pen-name of the English poet Adela Florence Nicholson.
Laurie, Hugh25James Hugh Calum Laurie OBE (born June 11, 1959) is an English actor, comedian, writer and musician. He first reached fame as a cast member of Blackadder and then as one half of the Fry and Laurie double act, along with his friend and comedy partner, Stephen Fry. From 2004 to 2012, he starred as Dr. Gregory House, the protagonist in the FOX television drama House.
Laurie, Piper3Piper Laurie (born Rosetta Jacobs on January 22, 1932) is an American actress.
Lautenberg, Frank2Frank Raleigh Lautenberg (born January 23, 1924) is an American politician. He is a member of the Democratic Party and is a United States Senator from New Jersey serving from 1983 to 2001 and again from 2003 until his death in 2013.
Lautréamont, Comte de3Comte de Lautréamont was the pseudonym of Isidore-Lucien Ducasse (4 April 1846 – 24 November 1870), a French poet born in Uruguay. His only works, Les Chants de Maldoror and Poésies, had a major influence on modern literature, particularly on the Surrealists and the Situationists. He died at the age of 24.
Lavater, Johann Kaspar18Johann Kaspar Lavater (November 15, 1741 – January 2, 1801) was a Swiss poet, writer, philosopher and theologian.
LaVey, Anton Szandor45Anton Szandor LaVey (April 11, 1930 – October 29, 1997) was a Satanist author and the founder of Church of Satan.
Lavigne, Avril14Avril Ramona Lavigne (born 27 September 1984) is a Canadian singer and musician from Ontario, Canada.
Lavina Washines1Lavina Washines (April 1, 1940 – June 2, 2011) was the first female leader of the Yakama Nation, Washington, United States.
Lavoisier, Antoine11Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (26 August 1743 – 8 May 1794) was a French intellectual and nobleman, widely regarded as the founder of modern chemistry.
Law, Andrew Bonar6Andrew Bonar Law (16 September 1858 – 30 October 1923) was a Conservative British statesman and Prime Minister from 1922 to 1923.
Law, Jude2Jude Law (born 29 December 1972) is an Academy Award-nominated English actor. His succession of leading roles in many high profile Hollywood films has seen him become one of the top A-list actors in the industry today.
Law, William23William Law (1686 – 9 April 1761) was an English priest, writer and mystic.
Lawhead, Stephen R.36Stephen R. Lawhead (born July 2, 1950) is an American, best-selling author known for novels that blend elements of science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction.
Lawless, Blackie7Blackie Lawless (born 4 September 1956), American singer and guitarist of W.A.S.P.
Lawless, Lucy15Lucy Lawless (born Lucille Frances Ryan on 29 March 1968) is a New Zealand actress and singer best known for playing the title character of the television series Xena: Warrior Princess and for her role as Number Three on the series Battlestar Galactica.
Lawrence Hogan1Lawrence Joseph Hogan (born September 30, 1928) is a Republican former U.S. Congressman who represented the 5th congressional district of Maryland from January 3, 1969 to January 3, 1975. Hogan did not run for re-election in 1974, and was unsuccessful that year in his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor. During the hearings on the impeachment of Richard Nixon, he was the only Republican on the Judiciary Committee to vote for all the proposed articles of impeachment.
Lawrence, D. H.42David Herbert Lawrence (11 September 1885 – 2 March 1930) was an English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and painter who published as D. H. Lawrence. His collected works, among other things, represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanising effects of modernity and industrialisation. In them, some of the issues Lawrence explores are emotional health, vitality, spontaneity and instinct.
Lawrence, Jennifer6Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (born August 15, 1990) is an American actress. She was nominated for Academy Awards for her roles in the films Winter's Bone (2010), Silver Linings Playbook (2012), and American Hustle (2013), winning for the second of these. She may be best-known for playing Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series.
Lawrence, Martin2Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence (born April 16, 1965) is a American comedian, musician, actor, and voice artist.
Lawrence, T.E.37Thomas Edward Lawrence (16 August 1888 – 19 May 1935) better known as T.E. Lawrence or Lawrence of Arabia; for a brief time he also used the name T. E. Shaw
Lawson, Henry2Henry Lawson (17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922) was an Australian writer and poet.
Lawson, John Howard2John Howard Lawson (September 25, 1894 – August 11, 1977) was an American playwright, screenwriter, and Communist. He is known for being one of the "Hollywood Ten", who were blacklisted for refusing to give testimony to the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
Lawson, Nigel10Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson of Blaby PC (born 11 March 1932) is a British politician. Originally a financial journalist, he was editor of The Spectator from 1966 to 1970. He was Chancellor of the Exchequer between June 1983 and October 1989 during the government of Margaret Thatcher and oversaw a sizable reduction in taxes as well as the privatization of many state-owned companies. He fell out with Mrs Thatcher over the issue of European monetary co-operation and resigned suddenly over her having supplanted him with one of her own advisers.
Lawson, Nigella30Nigella Lawson (born 6 January 1960) is an English journalist, food writer, broadcaster and television presenter.
Laxness, Halldór205Halldór Kiljan Laxness (23 April 1902 – 8 February 1998), born Halldór Guðjónsson, was a 20th century Icelandic author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1955.
Layamon6Layamon (fl. c. 1200) was an English poet known only for his epic Brut, arguably the first great poem to be written in Middle English; it introduced such legendary kings as Arthur, Cymbeline and Lear to English literature. Layamon's name is also given in the forms Laзamon, Lazamon and Lawman.
Layard, Austen Henry1Sir Austen Henry Layard (5 March 1817 – 5 July 1894) was a British traveler, archaeologist, cuneiformist, art historian, draughtsman, collector, author and diplomatist, best known as the excavator of Nimrud.
Layton, Irving5Irving Layton, OC (March 12, 1912 – January 4, 2006), born as Israel Pincu Lazarovitch, was a Romanian-born Canadian poet.
Layton, Jack27Jack Layton (July 18, 1950 – August 22, 2011) was a Canadian social democratic politician, leader of the New Democratic Party (2003–2011) and Leader of the Opposition (2011).
Lazaridis, Mike2Mihal "Mike" Lazaridis, OC, O.Ont (born March 14, 1961) is a Greek - Canadian businessman, investor in quantum computing technologies, and founder and Vice Chairman of BlackBerry, which created and manufactures the BlackBerry wireless handheld device.
Lazarus, Emma13Emma Lazarus (July 22, 1849 – November 19, 1887) was an American poet and playwright, born in New York City.
Le Bailly, Louis1Louis Le Bailly (18 July 1915 – 3 October 2010) was a British Royal Naval officer who had a lengthy career as an engineer, and later in intelligence work.
Le Clézio, J. M. G.1Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio (born 13 April 1940), usually identified as J. M. G. Le Clézio, is a French-Mauritian author and professor. The author of over forty works, he was awarded the 1963 Prix Renaudot for his novel Le Procès-Verbal. He was also awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Le Corbusier14Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (October 6, 1887 – August 27, 1965), better known as Le Corbusier, was a Swiss-born French architect, designer, urbanist, writer, and one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture.
Le Fanu, Sheridan5Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu (August 24, 1814 – February 7, 1873) was an Irish novelist, short-story writer and journalist, now mainly remembered for his classic ghost stories and his mystery novel Uncle Silas.
Le Gallienne, Richard5Richard Thomas Le Gallienne (1866–1947) was an English man of letters, closely associated with the literary world of London in the 1890s; after that he resided in the USA, without altering his period style. The American actress Eva Le Gallienne (1899–1991) was his daughter, by his second marriage.
Le Guin, Ursula K.247Ursula K. Le Guin (born 21 October 1929) is a US-based author, known mostly for writing science fiction and fantasy.
Le Pen, Jean-Marie8Jean-Marie Le Pen (born 20 June 1928) is a French politician and the founder and former president of the Front National political party.
Leach, Bernard1Bernard Howell Leach CBE CH (January 5, 1887 – May 6, 1979) was a British studio potter and art teacher. He is regarded as the "Father of British studio pottery".
Leach, William Elford1William Elford Leach (1790–1836) was an English zoologist and marine biologist.
Leacock, Stephen15Stephen Butler Leacock Ph.D. FRSC (30 December 1869 – 28 March 1944) was a Canadian writer and economist.
Leah Tsemel5Lea Tsemel (born 1945) is an anti-Zionist Jewish human rights lawyer who has represented Palestinians accused of violence in Israel. Her husband is Michel Warschawski.
Leaper, Adrian1Adrian Leaper (born 1953) is an English conductor of classical music.
Lear, Edward22Edward Lear (12 May 1812 – 29 January 1888) was an English artist, illustrator and writer known for his nonsensical poetry and his limericks, a form which he popularised.
Leary, Denis13Denis Leary (born August 18, 1957, in Worcester, Massachusetts) is an Irish-American actor, comedian, writer and director.
Leary, Timothy50Timothy Francis Leary (22 October 1920 – 31 May 1996) was an American writer, psychologist, campaigner for psychedelic drug research and use, 1960s counterculture icon and computer software designer. He is most famous as a proponent of the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of LSD. During the 1960s, he coined and popularized the catch phrase "Turn on, tune in, drop out."
Leavis, F. R.8Frank Raymond Leavis CH (14 July 1895 – 14 April 1978) was a highly influential English literary critic and academic, based at Downing College, Cambridge.
Leavitt, Henrietta Swan25Henrietta Swan Leavitt (July 4, 1868 – December 12, 1921) was the American astronomer who discovered the relationship between the luminosity and the period of Cepheid variable stars. She made this discovery, among others, while employed at the Harvard College Observatory as a human computer examining photographic plates to measure and catalog the brightness of stars. Her discovery (when applied in conjunction with the inverse square law for the decrease in intensity of light with increasing distance from the source) was the crucial step leading to the utilization of Cepheid variables as standard candles in astronomical measurements, allowing distance approximations to extend beyond the range of stellar parallax, and providing the second rung on the cosmic distance ladder. Edwin Hubble's work was highly dependent upon Leavitt's period-luminosity relation for Cepheid variables, as well as upon the work of Ejnar Hertzsprung, Harlow Shapley and Vesto Slipher. Harlow Shapley's advancement to director of Harvard College Observatory (thus becoming Miss Leavitt's supervisor, following the death of Edward Charles Pickering) was, in part, due to his previous research utilizing her period-luminosity relation. Shapley did not highlight Miss Leavitt's major discovery in his 1922 "Director's Report," following her death (see below).
Lebowitz, Fran33Frances Ann Lebowitz (born October 27, 1950) is an American journalist.
Lec, Stanisław Jerzy24Stanisław Jerzy Lec (6 March 1909 – 7 May 1966) was a Polish poet and aphorist.
Leckie, Ann12Ann Leckie (born March 2, 1966) is an American author and editor of science fiction and fantasy.
Lecky, W. E. H.6William Edward Hartpole Lecky (26 March 1838 – 22 October 1903) was an Irish historian and political theorist.
Lecoin, Louis1Louis Lecoin (30 September 1888 – 23 June 1971) was a French antimilitarist, pacifist, and anarchist.
Lederman, Leon M.6Leon Max Lederman (born 15 July 1922 in New York) is an American experimental physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1988 for his work on neutrinos.
Ledger, Heath36Heath Andrew Ledger (4 April 1979 – 22 January 2008) was an Australian television and film actor best known for his movie roles as Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain (2005) and the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008) and considered one of the most promising actors of his generation before his accidental death at 28.
Ledru-Rollin, Alexandre Auguste1Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin (2 February 1807, Paris – 31 December 1874) was a French politician.
Lee Kernaghan1Lee Kernaghan (born 1964-04-15 in Corryong, Victoria, Australia) is one of Australia's most popular and influential country singers and songwriters.
Lee Kuan Yew69Lee Kuan Yew (16 September 1923 -23 March 2015) was a Singaporean statesman. He was the Secretary-general of the People's Action Party (1954–1992) and Singapore Prime Minister (1959–1990), Senior Minister (1990–2004), Minister Mentor (2004–2011).
Lee Smolin50Lee Smolin (born 1955) is an American theoretical physicist, academic and author known for his contributions to quantum gravity theory, in particular the approach known as loop quantum gravity. His research interests include cosmology, elementary particle theory, the foundations of quantum mechanics, and theoretical biology.
Lee-Hamilton, Eugene2Eugene Lee-Hamilton (1845–1907) was a late Victorian English poet. His work includes some notable sonnets in the style of Petrarch.
Lee, Albert1Albert William Lee (born 21 December 1943) is an English guitarist known for his finger style and hybrid picking technique. Lee has worked, both in the studio and on tour, with many famous musicians from a wide range of genres. He has also maintained a solo career and is a noted composer and musical director.
Lee, Amy Lynn2Amy Lynn Hartzler (née Lee; born 13 December 1981), most famous as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist who is the lead vocalist and co-founder of the rock band Evanescence.
Lee, Ang4Ang Lee 李安 : Lǐ Ān (born 23 October 1954) is a Chinese-American film director
Lee, Ann17Mother Ann Lee (February 29 1736 – September 8 1784) was a leader of the Shakers.
Lee, Ben1Benjamin Whiso Lee (January 1, 1935 – June 16, 1977) or Ben Lee, was a Korean-American theoretical physicist. His work in theorical particle physics exerted great influence on the development of the standard model in the late 20th century especially on the renormalization and the charm quark.
Lee, Bruce115Bruce Lee (27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973) was a Chinese American martial artist and actor who is widely regarded as the most influential martial artist of the 20th century.
Lee, Geddy6Geddy Lee (born Gary Lee Weinrib on 28 July 1953) is a Canadian musician best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Canadian rock group Rush.
Lee, Gerald Stanley12Gerald Stanley Lee (1862–1944) was an American Congregational clergyman and the author of numerous books and essays.
Lee, Gypsy Rose3Gypsy Rose Lee (9 February 1911 or 1914 – 26 April 1970), also known as Rose Louise Hovick and Louise Hovick, was an American actress and burlesque entertainer.
Lee, Harper31Nelle Harper Lee (born April 28, 1926) is an American novelist and author of the classic 1960 novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.
Lee, Henry III1Henry Lee III (January 29, 1756 – March 25, 1818), called Light Horse Harry, was a cavalry officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He was the Governor of Virginia and a U.S. Congressman, as well as the father of American Civil War general Robert E. Lee.
Lee, Laurie3Laurence Edward Alan "Laurie" Lee, MBE (26 June 1914 – 13 May 1997) was an English poet, novelist and screenwriter.
Lee, Melissa3Melissa Lee (Korean: 이지연) (born 1966) is a New Zealand Member of Parliament for the New Zealand National Party since the 2008 New Zealand general election
Lee, Myung-bak18Myung-bak Lee (born 19 December 1941) was the South Korean president from 2008 to 2013.
Lee, Nathaniel6Nathaniel Lee (c. 1653 – May 6, 1692) was an English dramatist.
Lee, Richard Henry3Richard Henry Lee (January 20, 1732 – June 19, 1794) was an American statesman from Virginia best known for the motion in the Second Continental Congress calling for the colonies' independence from Great Britain. His famous resolution of June 1776 led to the United States Declaration of Independence, which Lee signed. He also served a one-year term as the President of the Continental Congress, and was a U.S. Senator from Virginia from 1789 to 1792, serving during part of that time as one of the first Presidents pro tempore.
Lee, Robert E.61Robert Edward Lee (19 January 1807 – 12 October 1870) was an American military officer who went on to become a general for the Confederate armies during the American Civil War, fighting against the United States. He eventually commanded all Confederate armies as general-in-chief. After surrendering to Ulysses S. Grant in 1865, he lived out the rest of his life in Virginia, where he grew up. He was the son of Henry Lee III, who was a Continental Army officer during the American Revolutionary War.
Lee, Sheila Jackson2Sheila Jackson Lee (born 12 January 1950) is the U.S. Representative for Texas's 18th congressional district, serving since 1995. She is a member of the US Democratic Party.
Lee, Sidney7Sir Sidney Lee (5 December 1859 – 3 March 1926), born Solomon Lazarus Lee, was an English biographer and critic, and the second editor of the Dictionary of National Biography. He also wrote several works about William Shakespeare.
Lee, Stan10Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber on 28 December 1922) is an American writer, editor, and memoirist, who — with several artist co-creators, especially Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko — introduced complex, naturalistic characters and a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comic books.
Lee, Stewart9Stewart Graham Lee (born April 5, 1968, in Shropshire, raised in Solihull) is an English stand-up comedian, writer and director probably best known for being one half of the 1990s comedy duo Lee and Herring, and for co-writing and directing the critically-acclaimed and controversial stage show Jerry Springer - The Opera.
Lee, Tanith22Tanith Lee (born 19 September 1947) is a British writer of science fiction, horror and fantasy. She also writes under the pseudonym Esther Garber.
Lee, Tommy9Tommy Lee (born Thomas Lee Bass on October 3, 1962) is a Greek American and Welsh American Heavy Metal musician. He is best known as the drummer for hard rock/heavy metal band Mötley Crüe and ex-husband of actresses Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear.
Lees, Robert1Robert B. Lees (9 July 1922 – 6 December 1996) was an American linguist.
Lefebvre, Henri13Henri Lefebvre (16 June 1901 – 29 June 1991) was a French Marxist philosopher and sociologist.
Lefevre, Edwin28Edwin Lefèvre (1871–1943) was an American journalist, writer, and statesman most remembered today for his writings about Wall Street.
Lefevre, Robert2Robert LeFevre (1911–1986) was an American libertarian, businessman, radio personality and primary theorist of autarchism.
Legare, James Matthews2James Matthews Legaré (1823–1859) was an American poet and failed inventor.
Leger,Fernand32Joseph Fernand Henri Léger (February 4, 1881 – August 17, 1955) was a French painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. He started his art in early cubism and developed a style in which the human figure in relation to the modern times was his central aim to represent. He and his art was engaged with communism and with the worker's life.
Leggett, Anthony3Sir Anthony James Leggett (born March 26, 1938) is John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Chair and Center for Advanced Study Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is widely recognized as a world leader in the theory of low-temperature physics, and his pioneering work on superfluidity was recognized by the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Legoyt, Alfred1Alfred Legoyt (1812-1885) was a French statistician who organised the census of France in 1856, 1861 and 1866.
Leguizamo, John14John Leguizamo (born July 22, 1964, in Bogotá, Colombia) is a comedian, actor and film producer of Hispanic and Colombian-Puerto Rico descent. He is the winner of an Emmy and was nominated for a Golden Globe award.
Lehane, Dennis4Dennis Lehane (born August 4, 1965) is an American novelist and screenwriter.
Lehman, John5John Lehman (born 1942) was the United States Secretary of the Navy from 1981 to 1987 and a member of the 9-11 Commission.
Lehmbruck, Wilhelm2Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1881-01-14 – 1919-03-25) was a German sculptor.
Lehrer, Jonah7Jonah Lehrer (born June 25, 1981) is an American author and editor of Wired magazine, who writes on the topics of psychology, neuroscience, and the relationship between science and the humanities.
Lehtomäki, Paula 1Paula Lehtomäki (born 29 November 1972 in Kuhmo, Finland) is a Finnish politician. In April 2004, she was chosen to be the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development in Matti Vanhanen's first cabinet.
Leibniz, Gottfried37Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (1 July 1646 {21 June O.S.} – 14 November 1716) was a German philosopher and mathematician.
Leibowitz, Yeshayahu30Yeshayahu Leibowitz (29 January 1903 – 18 August 1994) was an Israeli public intellectual; professor of biochemistry, organic chemistry, and neurophysiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and a polymath known for his outspoken opinions on Judaism, ethics, religion, and politics.
Leiderman, Jay21Jay Leiderman (Born 12 April 1971) is an American criminal defense lawyer based in Ventura, California.
Leigh, Edward1Edward Julian Egerton Leigh (born July 20, 1950) is a UK politician.
Leighton, Ralph B.1Robert B. Leighton (September 10, 1919 – March 9, 1997) was a prominent American experimental physicist who spent his professional career at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
Leighton, Robert3Robert Leighton (1611 – 25 June 1684) was a Scottish prelate and scholar, best known as a church minister, Bishop of Dunblane, Archbishop of Glasgow, and Principal of the University of Edinburgh from 1653 to 1662.
Leinster, Murray13Murray Leinster (June 16, 1896 – June 8, 1975) was a nom de plume of William Fitzgerald Jenkins, an award-winning American writer of science fiction and alternate history.
Leite Lopes, José1José Leite Lopes (October 28, 1918 – June 12, 2006) was a Brazilian theoretical physicist in the field of quantum field theory and particle physics.
Leiter, Brian14Brian Leiter (born 1963) is an American philosopher and legal scholar who is currently Karl N. Llewellyn Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Chicago Law School, and founder and Director of Chicago's new Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values.
Leiter, Saul11Saul Leiter (3 December 1923 – 26 November 2013) was an American photographer and painter.
Leland, Charles Godfrey4Charles Godfrey Leland (August 15 1824 – March 20 1903) was an American humorist and folklorist.
Leland, John7John Leland (14 May 1754–14 January 1841) was an American Baptist preacher and evangelist, and a lobbyist for freedom of religion.
Lem, Stanislaw52Stanisław Lem (12 September 1921 – 27 March 2006) was a Polish satirical, philosophical, and science fiction writer.
LeMay, Curtis13Curtis LeMay (November 15, 1906 – October 3, 1990) was a general in the United States Air Force.
Lemon, Mark2Mark Lemon (30 November 1809 – 23 May 1870) was the editor of Punch, born in London, England. He had a natural talent for journalism and the stage, and, at twenty-six, retired from less congenial business to devote himself to the writing of plays. More than sixty of his melodramas, operettas and comedies were produced in London. At the same time he contributed to a variety of magazines and newspapers, and founded and edited the Field.
Lenin, Vladimir193Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Russian: Владимир Ильич Ленин), born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Russian: Влади́мир Ильи́ч Ульянов) (22 April 1870 (10 April (O.S.)) – 21 January 1924) was a Russian revolutionary, the leader of the Bolshevik communist party, the first Premier of the Soviet Union and the main theorist of Leninism.
Lennon, Florence Becker5Florence Becker Lennon (1895–1984) was an American author.
Lennon, John101John Ono Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980), born John Winston Lennon, was a singer, songwriter, guitarist, political activist, humorist, painter, writer and founding member of The Beatles. He was married to Yoko Ono.
Leno, Jay23Jay Leno (born April 28, 1950), comedian, host of The Tonight Show
Lenthall, William2William Lenthall (1591 – 9 November 1662) was an English politician during the period of the English Civil War, and Speaker of the House of Commons in the Long Parliament (1640–1653).
Leo 10)13Pope Leo X (11 December 1475 – 1 December 1521), born Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, became Pope in 1513.
Leo Rosten5Leo Calvin Rosten (11 April 1908 – 19 February 1997) was an American teacher, academic and humorist best remembered for his stories about the night-school "prodigy" Hyman Kaplan and for The Joys of Yiddish (1968).
Leo XIII1Pope Leo XIII (2 March 1810 – 20 July 1903), born Vincenzo Gioacchino Raffaele Luigi Pecci to an Italian comital family, reigned from 20 February 1878 to his death in 1903.
Leon Kirchner1Leon Kirchner (January 24, 1919 – September 17, 2009) was an American composer of contemporary classical music.
Leonard Bacon1Leonard Bacon (February 19, 1802 – December 24, 1881) was an American Congregational preacher and writer.
Leonard, Elmore8Elmore John Leonard, Jr. (October 11, 1925 - August 20, 2013) was a popular and acclaimed American novelist and screenwriter.
Leonard, John39John Leonard (February 25 1939 – November 5 2008) was an American literary, TV, film and cultural critic.
Leonard, Sugar Ray10Ray Charles Leonard (born 17 May 1956) is an American former professional boxer. He was one of the leading boxers in the world in the 1970s and 1980s.
Leonardi, Vittorio1Vittorio Leonardi (born 2 January 1977) is a South African-born stand-up and improvisational comedian and actor.
Leone, Nathan4Nathan Leone (born 1982-05-06) is the lead singer of the pop punk band Madina Lake.
Leonidas I5Leonidas (Λεωνίδας) (c. 489 BC – 480 BC) was a king of Sparta, the seventeenth of the Agiad line.
Leonie Stevens3Leonie Stevens (born 1962), Australian novelist.
Leontief, Wassily10Wassily Wassilyovich Leontief (August 5, 1906 – February 5, 1999), was a Russian-American economist notable for his research on how changes in one economic sector may have an effect on other sectors. Leontief won the Nobel Committee's Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1973, and three of his doctoral students have also been awarded the prize (Paul Samuelson 1970, Robert Solow 1987, Vernon L. Smith 2002).
Leontyev, Mikhail2Mikhail Vladimirovich Leontyev (Михаи́л Влади́мирович Лео́нтьев, born October 12, 1958, in Moscow) is a Russian journalist currently working on national TV Channel One. He is known for his program Odnako (However), irregularly appearing on air with commentaries on certain political occasions since March 1999.
Leopardi, Giacomo2Giacomo Taldegardo Francesco di Sales Saverio Pietro Leopardi (June 29 1798 – June 14 1837) was an Italian poet and philosophical writer.
Leopold II of Belgium2King Leopold II (April 9, 1835 – December 17, 1909) succeeded his father, Leopold I of Belgium, to the Belgian throne in 1865 as Leopold II, King of the Belgians, and remained king until his death.
Leopold, Aldo120Aldo Leopold (January 11, 1887 – April 21, 1948) was a United States wildlife biologist and conservationist. He was a professor at the University of Wisconsin and is best known for his book A Sand County Almanac (1949), which has sold more than two million copies.
Leopold, John R.3John R. Leopold (born February 4, 1943, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American politician and was formerly a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. He was elected for the County Executive for Anne Arundel County, Maryland in 2006.
Leprohon, Rosanna Eleanor4Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon (January 12, 1829 – September 20, 1879), born Rosanna Eleanor Mullins, was a Canadian writer and poet.
Lerdorf, Rasmus16Rasmus Lerdorf (born 22 November 1968) is a Danish-Greenlandic programmer and the author of the first version of the PHP web programming language.
Lermontov, Mikhail33Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (October 15, 1814 – July 27, 1841) was a Russian Romantic writer and poet, sometimes called "the poet of the Caucasus."
Lerner, Abba3Abba Ptachya Lerner (October 28, 1903 – October 27, 1982) was a Russian-born British economist.
Lernoux, Penny6Penny Lernoux (January 6, 1940 – October 9, 1989) was an American journalist for National Catholic Reporter and The Nation.
Leroy, Xavier5Xavier Leroy (born March 15, 1968) is a French computer scientist and programmer. He is best known for his role as a primary developer of the Objective Caml system. He is senior scientist (directeur de recherche) at the French government research institution INRIA.
Lesage, Alain-René14Alain-René Lesage (May 8, 1668 – November 17, 1747), also spelled Le Sage, was a French novelist and playwright.
Leslie, Charles Robert9Charles Robert Leslie (19 October 1794 – 5 May 1859) was an English genre painter
Lessig, Lawrence55Lawrence Lessig (born 3 June 1961) is an American academic and political activist. He is most famous as a proponent of reduced legal restrictions on copyright, trademark, and radio frequency spectrum, particularly in technology applications. He is a director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard University and a professor of law at Harvard Law School. Prior to rejoining Harvard, he was a professor of law at Stanford Law School and founder of its Center for Internet and Society. Lessig is a founding board member of Creative Commons, a board member of the Software Freedom Law Center, an advisory board member of the Sunlight Foundation and a former board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Lessing, Doris64Doris Lessing (22 October 1919 – 17 November 2013) is a British writer, born Doris May Tayler. In October 2007 Lessing became the eleventh woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in its 106-year history, and its oldest recipient ever.
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim12Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (22 January 1729 – 15 February 1781) was a German writer, philosopher, dramatist, publicist, and art critic, and one of the most outstanding representatives of the Enlightenment era. His plays and theoretical writings substantially influenced the development of German literature. He is widely considered by theatre historians to be the first dramaturge.
LeSueur, Larry13Larry LeSueur (June 10, 1909 – February 5, 2003), born Laurence Edward LeSueur, was a well-known war correspondent during World War II. He worked closely with Edward R. Murrow and was part of an elite group of broadcast pioneers known as the Murrow's Boys.
Leszczynski, Stanislaw10Stanisław Leszczyński (20 October 1677 – 23 February 1766) was King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Duke of Lorraine and a count of the Holy Roman Empire (a rank bestowed by Emperor Frederick III on the Leszczyński family).
Lethbridge, Thomas Charles2Thomas Charles Lethbridge (23 March 1901 – 30 September 1971), better known as T.C. Lethbridge, was an English archaeologist, parapsychologist, and explorer. A specialist in Anglo-Saxon archaeology, he served as honorary Keeper of Anglo-Saxon Antiquities at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology from 1923 to 1957, and over the course of his lifetime wrote twenty-four books on various subjects, becoming particularly well known for his advocacy of dowsing.
Letterman, David10David Michael Letterman (born 12 April 1947) is an American late night talk show host, comedian, television producer, Indy Racing League car owner (Rahal Letterman Racing), and philanthropist.
Leung Chun-ying5Leung Chun-ying GBM, GBS, JP (born 12 August 1954), commonly known as C. Y. Leung or "689", is the third and incumbent Chief Executive of Hong Kong who assumed office on 1 July 2012.Leung Chun-Ying Wins Hong Kong Election, work: The Wall Street Journal, retrieved: 25 March 2012Leung Wins Hong Kong Leader Contest With Double Tang's Votes, publisher: Bloomberg, retrieved: 25 March 2012 A politician of the pro-Beijing bloc, Leung has held various political offices including Convenor of the Executive Council and Member of the Provisional Legislative Council before winning the "small-circle" Hong Kong Chief Executive election, 2012 in which 689 of the 1200 largely Beijing-friendly appointees on the Election Committee chose him over his opponents Henry Tang and Albert Ho. Across the territory, he is nicknamed "The Wolf" by some opponents – alluding to his cunning and deviousness, and as a pun of his name and the Chinese word for wolf.(10 December 2013), Ikea toy wolf becomes Hong Kong protest symbol, publisher: BBC News, retrieved: 11 December 2013
Leung, Wong Shun17Wong Shun Leung (黃淳樑 1935–1997) was considered by many to be "the most famous fighter of the Wing Chun clan in the early 1950's". Comments From Wong Shun Leung and Tsui Shan Ting, by Ray Van Raamsdonk Since his reputation was world-wide as a Wing Chun master and a sought after seminar speaker, Interview with Wong Shun Leung, by: Rusper Patel Martial & Laquo Wong Shun Leung had been interviewed many times. Based on information gathered during his various interviews, Wong Shun Leung had expressed his profound knowledge of various aspects of fighting. Today's martial artists can obviously become better fighters if they can fully understand and absorb Wong Shun Leung's profound knowledge of fighting. Following is a small collection of his profound opinions regarding various fighting principles and combat concepts.
Leupold, Jacob7Jacob Leupold (1674–1727) was a German physicist, scientist, mathematician, instrument maker, mining commissioner and an engineer. He wrote the important and popular book Theatrum Machinarum Generale, ("The General Theory of Machines") which was published in 1727.
Levant, Oscar19Oscar Levant (December 27, 1906 – August 14, 1972) was an American pianist, composer, author, comedian, and actor. He was more famous for his mordant character and witticisms, on the radio and in movies and television, than for his music.
LeVay, Simon1Simon LeVay (born 28 August 1943) is a British neuroscientist and author known for his studies about brain structures and sexuality.
Leverson, Ada8Ada Leverson (10 October 1862 – 30 August 1933) was a British novelist. She was nicknamed "Sphinx" by her friend, Oscar Wilde. She was a writer in the "comedy of manners" tradition, depicting love and marriage with affection and satirical wit.
Levertov, Denise38Denise Levertov (24 October 1923 – 20 December 1997) was a British-American poet.
Lévesque, René6René Lévesque (August 24, 1922 – November 1, 1987) was a reporter, minister of the Quebec government (1960–1966), founder of the Parti Québécois and the 23rd Premier of Quebec (1976–1985).
Levi-Montalcini, Rita7Rita Levi-Montalcini (22 April 1909 – 30 December 2012) was an Italian neurologist and politician who, together with colleague Stanley Cohen, received the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Lévi-Strauss, Claude25Claude Lévi-Strauss (November 11, 1908 - October 30 2009) was a French anthropologist.
Levi, Eliphas4Eliphas Lévi (February 8, 1810 – May 31, 1875), born Alphonse Louis Constant, was a French occult author and magician. "Eliphas Lévi," the name under which he published his books, was his attempt to translate or transliterate his given names "Alphonse Louis" into Hebrew.
Levi, Peter3Peter Chad Tigar Levi (16 May 1931 – 1 February 2000) was Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford. Born Jewish, he became a Jesuit priest but later renounced his vows to marry. He was also an archaeologist, travel writer, biographer, scholar and prolific reviewer and critic.
Levi, Primo32Primo Levi (July 31 1919 – April 11 1987) was an Italian chemist and author of memoirs, short stories, poems and novels. He joined an anti-Fascist group at the start of The Second World War but was captured and taken to the German concentration camp at Auschwitz. Levi survived the Holocaust and returned to Italy.
Leviev, Lev8Lev Leviev (born 30 July 1956 in Tashkent) is an Uzbek-born Israeli-British businessman.
Levin, Carl1Carl Milton Levin (born June 28, 1934) is a Democratic United States Senator from Michigan. He has been in the Senate since 1979 and Michigan's senior senator since 1995.
Levin, Ira2Ira Levin (27 August 1929 – 12 November 2007) was an American novelist, playwright and songwriter.
Levin, Janna4Janna J. Levin (born 1967) is a theoretical cosmologist. Much of her work deals with looking for evidence to support the proposal that our universe might be finite in size due to its having a nontrivial topology.
Levinas, Emmanuel4Emmanuel Levinas (French pronunciation: leviˈna, leviˈnas; 12 January 1906 – 25 December 1995) was a French philosopher and Talmudic commentator of Lithuanian Jewish origin.
Levine, Adam3Adam Noah Levine (born March 18, 1979) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is the frontman for the pop rock band Maroon 5.
Levine, Jack2Jack Levine (January 3, 1915 – November 8, 2010) was an American expressionist painter best known for his satires of modern life in the United States. He was a part of the Social Realism school in the 1930s.
Levine, Montague2Sir Montague Levine (15 May 1922 – 14 February 2013) was a British doctor and coroner. He was personal physician to James Callaghan.
Levine, Noah1Noah Levine (born 1971) is an American Buddhist teacher, author and counselor.
Levitan, Isaac1Isaac Ilyich Levitan Исаак Ильич Левитан (30 August 1860 - 4 August {22 July O.S.} 1900) was a classical Russian landscape art painter who advanced the genre of the mood landscape.
Levitch, Timothy6Timothy "Speed" Levitch (born 1970) is an American actor, tour guide, speaker, author and voice actor.
Levitin, Daniel71Daniel Joseph Levitin, PhD, FRSC, (born December 27, 1957, San Francisco) is an American cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, best-selling author, musician and record producer. He is James McGill Professor of psychology and behavioral neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with additional appointments in music theory, computer science, and education; Director of the Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition and Expertise at McGill, and Dean of Arts and Humanities at The Minerva Schools at KGI. He is an elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association for Psychological Science and the Royal Society of Canada.
Levitt, Theodore1Theodore Levitt (March 1, 1925, Vollmerz, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Germany – June 28, 2006, Belmont, Massachusetts) was an American economist and professor at Harvard Business School.
Levitzki, Mischa1Mischa Levitzki (also seen as Levitski; May 25, 1898 – January 2, 1941) was a Russian-born American concert pianist.
Levski, Vasil)6Vasil Levski (18 July 1837 – 18 February 1873) was a Bulgarian revolutionary, renowned as the national hero of Bulgaria. Dubbed the Apostle of Freedom, Levski ideologised and strategised a revolutionary movement to liberate Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.
Levy-Bruhl, Lucien1Lucien Lévy-Bruhl (10 April 1857 – 13 March 1939) was a French philosopher, sociologist and anthropologist.
Levy, Oscar22Oscar Ludwig Levy (1867 – 1946) was a German Jewish physician and writer, now known as a scholar of Friedrich Nietzsche, whose works he first saw translated systematically into English.
Levy,David20David Anthony Levy (born 1954) is an American psychologist, professor, author, stage director and actor. He has provided psychological perspectives on current events in numerous broadcast and publication media, and is co-author of an internationally best-selling textbook on cross-cultural psychology and critical thinking.
Lewes, George Henry51George Henry Lewes (April 18, 1817 – November 30, 1878) was an English philosopher, biographer, novelist, and literary and dramatic critic. He was also controversially long engaged in an open marriage with his legal wife and openly lived with George Eliot (aka Mary Anne Evans) in a romantic relationship.
Lewin, Kurt50Kurt Zadek Lewin (September 9, 1890 – February 12, 1947) was a German-American psychologist, known as one of the modern pioneers of social, organizational, and applied psychology. He is often recognized as the "founder of social psychology" and was one of the first to study group dynamics and organizational development.
Lewin, Peter1Peter Lewin (born 1948) is an American economist and Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Lewis, Alun7Alun Lewis (1 July 1915 – 5 March 1944) was a Welsh poet and short-story writer, often seen as one of Britain's finest Second World War poets.
Lewis, Anthony12Anthony Lewis (March 27, 1927, New York City — March 25, 2013, Cambridge, Massachusetts) was a prominent liberal intellectual, writing for The New York Times op-ed page and The New York Review of Books, among other publications. Lewis who is a two-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, is credited with creating the field of legal journalism in the United States.
Lewis, Blake10Blake Colin Lewis (born July 21, 1981) is an American singer and beatboxer. He was the runner-up on the sixth season of American Idol.
Lewis, Carl2Frederick Carlton "Carl" Lewis (born July 1, 1961) is a retired American track and field athlete who won 10 Olympic medals including 9 golds, and 10 World Championships medals, of which 8 were golds, in a career that spanned from 1979 when he first achieved a world ranking to 1996 when he last won an Olympic title and subsequently retired.
Lewis, Cecil Day12Cecil Day Lewis, CBE (27 April 1904 – 22 May 1972) was an Irish poet, the British Poet Laureate between 1968 to 1972, and, under the pseudonym of Nicholas Blake, a mystery writer. He was the father of the actor Daniel Day-Lewis and the TYV star Tamasin Day-Lewis.
Lewis, Clive Staples228Clive Staples Lewis (November 29 1898 – November 22 1963) was an Irish author, scholar of medieval literature, and Christian apologist. He is best known for his essays on Christianity and for the children's fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia.
Lewis, Harold Harwell1Harold Harwell Lewis (January 13, 1901 – January 24, 1985) was a Communist American poet.
Lewis, Hilda9Hilda Winifred Lewis (1896–1974) was a British writer of historical novels, most famous for her children's fantasy novel The Ship that Flew.
Lewis, Jenny11Jenny Lewis (born 8 January 1976) is a singer and songwriter, actress and vocalist of the bands Rilo Kiley and Jenny and Johnny, with boyfriend Johnathan Rice.
Lewis, Jerry Lee3Jerry Lee Lewis (born 29 September 1935) is a rock 'n' roll and country performer, most famous for his recordings of "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" (1957) and "Great Balls of Fire" (1957). He was one of the first ten inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1986).
Lewis, Joe1Joe Louis (1914–1981) was an American heavyweight boxer.
Lewis, Joe E.1Joe E. Lewis (January 12, 1902 – June 4, 1971), born Joseph Klewan in New York City, was an American comedian and singer.
Lewis, John L.10John L. Lewis (February 12, 1880 – June 11, 1969) was an American Labor union leader and the president of the United Mine Workers of America from 1920 to 1960.
Lewis, John Robert4John Lewis (born February 21, 1940) is an American politician. He was an important leader in the American Civil Rights Movement, organizing the March 7, 1965 Selma march.
Lewis, Lennox11Lennox Claudius Lewis CBE (born September 2 1965, in West Ham, London, England) is a retired professional boxer who represented Canada in the Olympics and fought under the British flag as a professional. He is a former undisputed lineal heavyweight champion. Along with Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield, Lewis is one of three boxers in heavyweight history to have won the Heavyweight Championship on three separate occasions.
Lewis, Leona21Leona Lewis (born 3 April 1985) is a British singer-songwriter.
Lewis, Matthew11Matthew Gregory Lewis (July 9 1775 – May 17 1812) was an English novelist, poet, playwright, translator and Member of Parliament. His novel The Monk, written at the age of 19, was one of the most popular examples of Gothic fiction, and led to his being commonly known as Monk Lewis.
Lewis, Michael42Michael Lewis (born 1960) is an American contemporary non-fiction author and financial journalist. He is currently a contributing editor to Vanity Fair.
Lewis, Ray1Raymond Anthony "Ray" Lewis (born May 15, 1975) is an American football linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL). Lewis has appeared in nine Pro Bowls and been named an All-Pro seven times.
Lewis, Roger2Roger Lewis (born 26 February 1960) is a Welsh biographer. In 2010, he stood unsuccessfully for the Oxford Chair of Poetry.
Lewis, Sinclair121Sinclair Lewis (7 February 1885 – 10 January 1951) was an American writer, the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1930. He was the second husband of Dorothy Thompson.
Lewis, William Arthur3Sir William Arthur Lewis (23 January 1915 – 15 June 1991) was a Saint Lucian economist well known for his contributions in the field of economic development. In 1979 he and Theodore Schultz won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.
Lewis, Wyndham15Percy Wyndham Lewis (18 November 1882 – 7 March 1957) was an English polemicist, novelist, essayist, critic and Vorticist painter.
LeWitt,Sol9Solomon "Sol" LeWitt (September 9, 1928 – April 8, 2007) was an American artist linked to various movements including conceptual art and minimalism. His mediums are predominantly painting, drawing, and structures (a term he prefers in opposition to sculpture.)
Lewontin, Richard15Richard C. Lewontin (born 29 March 1929) is an American evolutionary biologist, geneticist and social commentator. He pioneered the application of techniques from molecular biology, such as gel electrophoresis, to questions of genetic variation and evolution, and is considered a leader in developing the mathematical basis of population genetics and evolutionary theory.
Lex Luthor11Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Luthor is the archenemy of Superman, though given his high status as a supervillain, he has also come into conflict with Batman and other superheroes in the DC Universe. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the character first appeared in Action Comics #23 (April 1940).
Ley, Robert14Robert Ley (February 15 1890 – October 25 1945) was a Nazi German politician and head of the German Labor Front from 1933 to 1945. While awaiting trial for war crimes, on October 25, four days after receiving the indictment, Ley committed suicide by strangling himself in his cell, using a noose made by tearing a towel into strips, fastened to the toilet pipe in his cell.
Lhévinne, Josef1Josef Lhévinne (13 December 1874 – 2 December 1944) was a Russian pianist and piano teacher.
Li Bai8Li Bai or Li Po (701-762) was a Chinese poet living during the Tang Dynasty. He was traditionally known as Lǐ Bó in Chinese, hence the familiar name Li Po in Wade-Giles romanisation. Called the Poet Immortal, Li Bai is often regarded, along with Du Fu, as one of the two greatest poets in China's literary history.
Li Yundi5Li Yundi (simplified Chinese: 李云迪; traditional Chinese: 李雲迪; pinyin: Lǐ Yúndí) (born October 7, 1982) is a Chinese classical pianist. He is also popularly known as Yundi and formerly Yundi Li. Born in Chongqing, Li is most well known for being the youngest pianist to win the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition, in 2000, at the age of 18. He currently resides in Beijing.
Li, Frederick Pei2Frederick Pei Li (born 1940) is a Chinese-American physician.
Lichtenberg, Georg Christoph140Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (July 1 1742 – February 24 1799) was a German scientist, satirist and philosopher.
Lichtenstein, Roy3Roy Lichtenstein (27 October 1923 – 29 September 1997) was a prominent American pop artist, whose work borrowed heavily from popular advertising and comic book styles, which he himself described as being "as artificial as possible."
Licklider, J. C. R.9J. C. R. Licklider (March 11, 1915 – June 26, 1990) was an American computer scientist who considered one of the most important figures in computer science and general computing history. He is particularly remembered for being one of the first to forsee modern-style interactive computing, and its application to all manner of activities, which he did much to actually initiate.
Liddell, Henry George13Henry George Liddell (6 February 1811 – 18 January 1898) was Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University and dean (1855–91) of Christ Church, Oxford. His daughter Alice inspired Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Liddon, Henry20Henry Parry Liddon (20 August 1829 – 9 September 1890) was an English theologian and clergyman. In 1867, he visited Russia with Lewis Carroll.
Liddy, G. Gordon6George Gordon Battle Liddy (born 30 November 1930) was the chief operative for President Richard Nixon's White House Plumbers unit when they broke into the Watergate complex, which at the time was the headquarters of the Democratic National Convention, in 1972.
Lie, Hakon Wium1Håkon Wium Lie (born 1965 in Halden, Norway) is a web pioneer, a standards activist, and Chief Technology Officer of Opera Software.
Lieber, Fritz33Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. (December 24, 1910 – September 5, 1992) was an American writer of fantasy, horror and science fiction.
Lieberman, Avigdor4Avigdor Lieberman (Hebrew: אביגדור ליברמן), also Liberman (born 1958-06-05) is an Israeli politician and leader of the Yisrael Beytenu party. He has served as the Minister of Strategic Affairs and as a Deputy Prime Minister of Israel since November 2006.
Lieberman, Joe7Joseph Isadore "Joe" Lieberman (born February 24, 1942) is an American politician from Connecticut. Lieberman was first elected to the United States Senate in 1988, and was elected to his fourth term on November 7, 2006. In the 2000 U.S. presidential election Lieberman was the Democratic candidate for Vice President, running alongside presidential nominee Al Gore, becoming the first Jewish candidate on a major American political party presidential ticket. Gore and Lieberman won the popular vote in the election, but lost in the Electoral College.
Liebig, Justus von3Justus von Liebig (12 May 1803 – 18 April 1873) was a German chemist who made major contributions to agricultural and biological chemistry and worked on the organization of organic chemistry.
Liebling, A. J.8Abbott Joseph "Joe" Liebling (born October 18, 1904, in New York City; died December 28, 1963) was an American journalist who was closely associated with The New Yorker from 1935 until his death. Best known as a press critic, Liebling wrote the magazine's "Wayward Press" feature from 1945 on.
Liebman, Wendy1Wendy Liebman (born February 27, 1961) is an American stand-up comedian.
Lifshitz, Evgeny1Evgeny Mikhailovich Lifshitz (Russian: Евгений Михайлович Лифшиц) (February 21, 1915 – October 29, 1985) was a leading Soviet physicist from a Jewish origin and the brother of Ilya Mikhailovich Lifshitz.
Liggett, Phil3Philip 'Phil' Alexander Liggett, (born 11 August 1943) is an English commentator and journalist who covers professional cycling.
Lightfoot, Gordon14Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr. CC O.Ont (born November 17, 1938) is a Canadian singer and songwriter who has achieved international success in the genres of folk and country music. Lightfoot has received sixteen Juno Awards and five Grammy Award nominations. He has also been inducted to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1986), the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (2001) and Canada's Walk of Fame (1998).
Lightman, Alan2Alan P. Lightman (born November 28, 1948) is a physicist, novelist and essayist. He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the author of the international bestseller Einstein's Dreams.
Lightoller, Charles2Commander Charles Lightoller (30 March 1874 – 8 December 1952) was the second officer on board the Titanic and the most senior officer to survive the disaster. He later distinguished himself commanding one of the "Little Ships" during the Dunkirk evacuation.
Ligne, Charles Joseph, Prince de1Charles-Joseph, 7th Prince of Ligne (Charles-Joseph, Prince de Ligne in French, Charles Joseph Fürst von Ligne (or Fürst de Ligne), in German: (May 23, 1735, Brussels – December 13, 1814, Vienna) was a Field marshal and writer, and member of a princely family of Hainaut.
Ligori, Alphonsus1Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, C.Ss.R. (September 27, 1696 – August 1, 1787), was an Italian Catholic bishop, spiritual writer, scholastic philosopher and theologian, and founder of the Redemptorists, an influential religious congregation. He was canonized in 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him a Doctor of the Church in 1871.
Ligotti, Thomas15Thomas Ligotti (born 9 July 1953) is a contemporary American horror author and reclusive literary cult figure. His writings, while unique in style, have been noted as major continuations of several literary genres – most prominently Lovecraftian horror – and have overall been described as works of "philosophical horror," often written as short stories and novellas with a "darker" undertone which is similar to gothic fiction.
Likert, Rensis16Rensis Likert (5 August 1903 – 3 September 1981) was an American administrator and organizational psychologist.
Lil Boosie27Torrence Hatch (born November 14, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Boosie, is an American rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lil Wayne66Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wayne, is an American rapper. At the age of nine years old, Carter joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label. His most successful album, Tha Carter III, was released in 2008 and sold over one million copies in the U.S. in its first week of release. It included the number-one single "Lollipop" and won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.
Lilienthal, Otto16Otto Lilienthal (23 May 1848 – 10 August 1896), the German "Glider King," was a pioneer of human aviation.
Lilly, John C.3John Cunningham Lilly (6 January 1915 – 30 September 2001) was an American physician, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst, psychonaut, philosopher and writer. He was a researcher of the nature of consciousness using mainly isolation tanks, dolphin communication, and psychedelic drugs, sometimes in combination.
Limbaugh, Rush H60Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (born January 12, 1951) is a US radio host and prominent conservative political commentator. Limbaugh is noted for outspoken polemics, frequently accusing the mainstream media of liberal bias, criticising liberal policies and politicians, and promoting conservative positions.
Lin Join-sane3Lin Join-sane (林中森; Lín Zhōngsēn; born 17 December 1944) is a politician in the Republic of China. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation since 27 September 2012.
Lin Yutang29Lin Yutang (Traditional Chinese: 林語堂; Simplified Chinese: 林语堂; pinyin: Lín Yǔtáng) (10 October 1895 – 26 March 1976) was a Chinese writer and translator.
Lin, David2David Lin (林永樂; Lín Yǒnglè; born 1950) is a politician in the Republic of China (ROC). He currently serves as the Minister of Foreign Affairs since 27 September 2012.
Lincoln, Abraham512Abraham Lincoln (12 February 1809 – 15 April 1865) was the 16th President of the United States of America and led the country to victory during the American Civil War.
Lindbeck, Assar1Carl Assar Eugén Lindbeck (born 26 January 1930) is an Swedish economics professor and artist.
Lindbergh, Anne MOrrow50Anne Morrow Lindbergh (22 June 1906 – 7 February 2001), born Anne Spencer Morrow, was a pioneering American aviator, and the wife of Charles Lindbergh
Lindbergh, Charles37Charles Augustus Lindbergh II (4 February 1902 – 26 August 1974) was an American aviator, author, inventor, military officer, explorer, and social activist who rose to fame after he piloted the first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. An isolationist prior to the US entry into World War II, and in later years an environmental activist, he was the husband of Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
Lindemann, Till3Till Lindemann (born 4 January 1963) is a German musician and poet who is the frontman and lead vocalist for the German rock band Rammstein.
Lindley, Dennis14Dennis Victor Lindley (July 25, 1923 - December 14, 2013) is a British statistician, decision theorist and leading advocate of Bayesian statistics.
Lindo, Elias Hiam2Elias Hiam Lindo (died 1865) was a British historian.
Lindsay, Eric Mervyn1Eric Mervyn Lindsay (January 26, 1907 – July 27, 1974) was an Irish astronomer.
Lindsay, Ted2Robert Blake Theodore "Ted" Lindsay (born July 29, 1925) is a former professional ice hockey forward who played for the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Black Hawks. During his playing career, he helped to organize the National Hockey League Players' Association. He scored over 800 points in his career, winning the Art Ross Trophy in 1950. Lindsay won the Stanley Cup four times.
Ling, Lisa1Lisa Ling (born August 30, 1973) is an American journalist.
Linh Nga3Linh Nga (born 3 January 1982, in HaNoi, VietNam) is a Vietnamese actress, film director,and news anchor.
Linji Yixuan1Línjì Yìxuán (臨済義玄; Wade-Giles: Lin-chi I-hsüan; Japanese: Rinzai Gigen; died 866) was the founder of the Linji school of Chan Buddhism during Tang Dynasty China.
Linkola, Pentti8Kaarlo Pentti Linkola (born 7 December 1932) is a radical Finnish deep ecologist, polemicist, and fisherman. He has written widely about his ideas and is a prominent thinker in Finland. He lives a simple and austere life.
Linley, George3George Linley (1798 – September 10, 1865) was a verse-writer and musical composer.
Linz, Alex D.2Alexander David "Alex" Linz (born 3 January 1989) is an American actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter and voice artist.
Linzey, Andrew3Andrew Linzey (born 1952) is an Anglican priest, theologian, author, and prominent figure in the Christian vegetarian movement. He is a member of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oxford.
Liotta, Ray2Ray Liotta (born 18 December 1955) is an American actor famous for the lead role of Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. He also has provided the voice of Tommy Vercetti, the video game protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Lipchitz, Jacques10Jacques Lipchitz (22 August O.S. 10 August 1891 – May 16, 1973) was an American cubist sculptor.
Lipman, Maureen5Maureen Lipman (born 10 May 1946 in Hull, England) is an English film, theatre and television actress, columnist and comedienne. She was married to Jack Rosenthal.
Lippard, George5George Lippard (April 10, 1822 – February 9, 1854) was a 19th-century American novelist, journalist, playwright, social activist, and labor organizer. Nearly forgotten today, he was one of the most widely read authors in antebellum America. A friend of Edgar Allan Poe, Lippard advocated a socialist political philosophy and sought justice for the working class in his writings. He founded a secret benevolent society, Brotherhood of the Union, investing in it all the trappings of a religion; the society, a precursor to labor organizations, survived until 1994. He authored two principal kinds of stories: Gothic tales about the immorality, horror, vice, and debauchery of large cities and historical fiction of a type called romances.
Lippard, Lucy R.8Lucy R. Lippard (born 1937) is an internationally known writer, art critic, activist and curator from the United States.
Lipscomb, David5David Lipscomb (1831–1917) was a religious minister, Christian pacifist, author and leader in the American Restoration Movement.
Lipton, Thomas1Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, Bt, KCVO (1850-05-10 – 1931-10-02) was born in Scotland of Irish parents. He was a self-made man, merchant, and yachtsman, who created the famous Lipton tea brand and was the most persistent challenger in the history of the America's Cup.
Lipumba, Ibrahim2Professor Ibrahim Lipumba (born 6 June 1952) is a Tanzanian politician and chairman of the Civic United Front (CUF) party.
Lisitsa, Valentina5Valentina Lisitsa (Ukrainian: Валентина Лисиця, translit. Valentyna Lysytsya; born 1973) is a Ukrainian-born and trained classical pianist who resides in North Carolina. Lisitsa is among the most frequently viewed pianists on YouTube and is often praised as a highly commendable pianist. Lisitsa followed a unique path to success, independently launching the beginnings of her career via social media, without initially signing to a tour promoter or record company.
Lispector, Clarice9Clarice Lispector (December 10, 1920 – December 9, 1977) was a Brazilian writer. Acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories, she was also a journalist and a translator. A legendary figure in Brazil, renowned for her uncommon and unique writing style, her great personal beauty —— the American translator Gregory Rabassa recalled being "flabbergasted to meet that rare person who looked like Marlene Dietrich and wrote like Virginia Woolf," —— and her eccentric personality.
Lissitsky, El2Lazar Markovich Lissitzky Лазарь Маркович Лисицкий (November 23, 1890 – December 30, 1941), more famous as El Lissitzky Эль Лисицкий, was a Russian artist, designer, photographer, teacher, typographer, and architect.
Lister, Moira4Moira Lister (6 August 1923 – 27 October 2007) was an Anglo-South African actress.
Liszt, Franz3Franz Liszt (Hungarian: Liszt Ferenc) (October 22, 1811 – July 31, 1886) was a Hungarian virtuoso pianist, organist and composer.
Littell, Eliakim1Eliakim Littell (January 2, 1797 – May 17, 1870) was an American editor, the founder of a long-lived periodical named Littell's Living Age (1844–1941).
Little Raven (Arapaho leader)3Little Raven, also known as Hosa (Young Crow), (born ca. 1810 — died 1889) was from about 1855 until his death in 1889 a principal chief of the Southern Arapaho Indians. He negotiated peace between the Southern Arapaho and Cheyenne and the Comanche, Kiowa, and Plains Apache. He also secured rights to the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation in Indian Territory.
Little Richard48Richard Wayne Penniman (born December 5, 1932), known by the stage name Little Richard, is an American singer, songwriter and pianist, whose hits in the mid-1950s were defining moments in the development of rock and roll. His songs combined childishly amusing lyrics with sexually suggestive content and his flamboyant style and music influenced many artists of various genres, including helping to inspire and develop other genres such as soul music and funk.
Little Turtle3Chief Little Turtle or Michikinikwa 1752-1812, Chief of the Miami tribe
Littlewood, John6John Edensor Littlewood (1885-06-09 – 1977-09-06) was a British mathematician.
Liu, Chuanzhi1Liu Chuanzhi (born April 29, 1944) is a Chinese businessman and the founder of Lenovo, the largest computer maker in the world.
Liverpool, Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl Of1Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool (7 June 1770 – 4 December 1828) was a British politician, and the longest serving prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1812 - 1827.
Livingstone, David5David Livingstone (19 March 1813 – 1 May 1873) was a Scottish missionary and explorer of the Victorian era, now best remembered because of his meeting with Henry Morton Stanley which gave rise to the popular quotation, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
Livingstone, Ken44Kenneth Robert Livingstone (born 17 June 1945) is a British politician, who was the last leader of the Greater London Council (GLC) from 1981 to its abolition in 1986, a Labour Member of Parliament for Brent East (1987–2000), and the first elected Mayor of London (2000–2008). He was defeated by Boris Johnson in 2008 and failed to regain the post in 2012.
Livy70Titus Livius (around 59 BC – 17 AD), known as Livy in English, wrote a monumental history of Rome, Ab Urbe Condita, from its founding (traditionally dated to 753 BC) through the reign of Augustus.
Llidó, Antonio9Antonio Llidó Mengual (April 29, 1936 – October 25, 1974) was a Spanish Catholic priest and pedagogue who adopted socialist political ideals whilst a missionary in Chile. He is among the many victims of the Augusto Pinochet regime deemed disappeared.
Llosa, Mario Vargas15Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa, 1st Marquis of Vargas Llosa (born March 28, 1936 in Arequipa, Peru) is a Peruvian-Spanish writer, politician, journalist, essayist, college professor, and recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature. Vargas Llosa is one of Latin America's most significant novelists and essayists, and one of the leading writers of his generation.
Lloyd George, David72David Lloyd George (17 January 1863 – 26 March 1945) was a British politician, who served as Prime Minister of United Kingdom (1916–1922).
Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon92Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon (5 October 1732 – 4 April 1802) was a British politician and barrister, who served as Attorney General, Master of the Rolls and Lord Chief Justice of the United Kingdom.
Lloyd, John William5John William Lloyd (4 June 1857 – 1940) was an American individualist anarchist who later modified his position to minarchism.
Lloyd, Seth4Seth Lloyd (born 1960) is an American engineer, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT.
Llull, Ramon4Ramon Llull (Catalan: rəˈmon ˈʎuʎ; ca. 1232 – ca. 1315) (Anglicised Raymond Lully, Raymond Lull; in Latin Raimundus or Raymundus Lullus or Lullius) was a Majorcan writer and philosopher, logician and a Franciscan tertiary.
Lobachevsky, Nikolai Ivanovich1Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky (Никола́й Ива́нович Лобаче́вский) (December 1, 1792 – February 24, 1856, N.S.; November 20, 1792 – February 12, 1856, O.S.) was a Russian mathematician.
Lobão5Lobão (born October 11, 1957) is a Brazilian rock and MPB musician
Locke, John124John Locke (29 August 1632 – 28 October 1704) was an influential English philosopher and social contract theorist. He developed an alternative to the Hobbesian state of nature and asserted a government could be good only if it received the consent of the governed and protected the natural rights of life, liberty, and estate. If such a consent was not achieved, Locke argued in favour of a right of rebellion.
Locker-Lampson, Frederick5Frederick Locker-Lampson (1821–1895) was an English man of letters and poet.
Lockhart, John Gibson7John Gibson Lockhart (July 12, 1794 – November 25, 1854) was a Scottish biographer, literary critic, novelist and journalist, best known for his biography of his father-in-law, Walter Scott.
Lockhart, Keith2Keith Alan Lockhart (born November 7, 1959) is the Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra and the principal conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra. He was the music director of the Utah Symphony from 1998 - 2009. He has also held honorary titles in many other orchestras.
Lodge, David6David Lodge (born 28 January 1935) is an English comic novelist and literary critic. He has for twenty years been Emeritus Professor of English Literature at the University of Birmingham.
Lodge, Henry Cabot5Henry Cabot Lodge (May 12, 1850 – November 9, 1924) was a Republican statesman and noted historian.
Lodge, Thomas3Thomas Lodge (c. 1558 – 1625) was an English dramatist and writer of the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods.
Loesser, Frank7Frank Henry Loesser (June 29, 1910, New York City – July 26, 1969, New York City) was an American composer and lyricist.
Loew, Judah Ben Bezalel7Judah Loew ben Bezalel, also Loewe, Löwe, or Levai, (c. 1520 – 17 September 1609) widely known to scholars of Judaism as Maharal of Prague, or simply The MaHaRaL, the Hebrew acronym of "Moreinu ha-Rav Loew," ("Our Teacher, Rabbi Loew") was an important Talmudic scholar, Jewish mystic, and philosopher who served as a leading rabbi in the city of Prague in Bohemia for most of his life.
Loewy, Raymond9Raymond Fernand Loewy (November 5 1893 – July 14 1986) was one of the best-known industrial designers of the 20th century.
Logan, John3John Logan (1748–1788) was a minister and poet in Leith, Scotland.
Logau, Friedrich von16Friedrich, Freiherr von Logau (January 1605 – July 24, 1655) was a German epigrammatist.
Logue, Christopher3Christopher Logue CBE (23 November 1926 – 2 December 2011) was an English writer, best known as a poet, though he was also a journalist, translator, lyricist, screenwriter, playwright and actor.
Lohan, Lindsay6Lindsay Dee Lohan (born 2 July 1986) is an American actress and pop music singer.
Lohman, Alison6Alison Lohman (born 18 September 1979) is an American actress who was born in Palm Springs, California. Although her family has no show business connections, she has been acting since age 9.
Loken, Kristanna1Kristanna Sommer Løken (born October 8, 1979) is an American actress and model.
Lom, Herbert1Herbert Lom (11 September 1917 - 27 September 2012) was a Czech-born British film and television actor who moved to the United Kingdom in 1939. In a career lasting more than 60 years he appeared in character roles, usually portraying villains early in his career and professional men in later years.
Lombard, Carole3Carole Lombard (6 October 1908 – 16 January 1942), born Jane Alice Peters, was an American actress. She was especially noted for her performances in a particular form of screen comedy - screwball. She died in a January 1942 plane crash following a successful war-bond rally in Indianapolis.
Lombardi, Vince7Vincent Thomas Lombardi (June 11, 1913 – September 3, 1970) was one of the most successful coaches in the history of American football as head coach of the Green Bay Packers from 1959 to 1967, and the Washington Redskins in 1969.
Lombroso, Cesare7Cesare Lombroso (November 6, 1835 – October 19, 1909) was an Italian criminologist and founder of the Italian School of Positivist Criminology. He is the father of Criminology or the father of modern Criminology.
London, Fritz1Fritz Wolfgang London (March 7, 1900 – March 30, 1954) was a German-born American theoretical physicist. His fundamental contributions to the theories of chemical bonding and of intermolecular forces (London dispersion forces) are today considered classic and are discussed in standard textbooks of physical chemistry.
London, Jack41John Griffith "Jack" London (born John Griffith Chaney, January 12, 1876 – November 22, 1916) was an American author, journalist, and social activist.
Long, Barry82Barry Long (August 1, 1926 – December 6, 2003) was an Australian spiritual teacher and writer.
Long, Earl1Earl Kemp Long (August 26, 1895 – September 5, 1960) was an American politician and three-time Democratic governor of Louisiana, who termed himself the "last of the red hot poppas" of politics, referring to his stump-speaking skills. He served from 1939–1940, 1948–1952, and 1956–1960.
Long, George64George Long (November 4, 1800 – August 10, 1879) was an English classical scholar, historian and translator. Among other works, he translated of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (1862), the Discourses of Epictetus (1877), Plutarch's Lives (1844–1848) and was the author of the Decline of the Roman Republic (1864–1874), the Civil Wars of Rome, and the Summary of Herodotus (1829).
Long, Huey P.21Huey Pierce Long, Jr. (August 30, 1893 – September 10, 1935), known as "The Kingfish," was a Louisiana governor (1928–1932) and U.S. Senator (1932–1935).
Long, Roderick6Roderick Tracy Long (born February 4, 1964) is a professor of philosophy at Auburn University. He also serves as a Senior Scholar for the Ludwig von Mises Institute, an editor of the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, director and president of the Molinari Institute, and an advisory panel member for the Center for a Stateless Society.
Long, Shelley1Shelley Long (born 23 August 1949) is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning American actress and comedienne.
Long,Richard2Richard Long (born June 2, 1945) is an English sculptor, photographer and painter, one of the best known British land artists.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth167Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (27 February 1807 – 24 March 1882) was an American poet and one of the five members of the group known as the Fireside Poets.
Longfellow, Samuel2Samuel Longfellow (1819–1892) was an American clergyman and hymn writer.
Longinus10Longinus (or Pseudo-Longinus) is the name conventionally given to the author of an influential work of literary criticism, On the Sublime, the author's real name being unknown. He wrote in Greek and probably lived in the 1st century AD.
Longstreet, James5James Longstreet (8 January 1821 – 2 January 1904) was an officer in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. After the war, he joined the Republican Party and worked to get rights and freedoms for former slaves.
Longworth, Alice Roosevelt7Alice Roosevelt Longworth (12 February 1884 – 20 February 1980) was the only daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, and his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee.
Looney, William R.1General William R. Looney III (born 1949) is a United States Air Force general. He was Commander, Aeronautical Systems Center, Air Force Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio (2003–2005). In 2005, he assumed the command of Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Randolph AFB, Texas.
Loos, Adolf1Adolf Loos (10 December 1870 – 23 August 1933) was one of the most important and influential Austrian and Czechoslovak architects of European Modern architecture.
Loos, Anita1Anita Loos (April 26, 1889 – August 18, 1981) was an American screenwriter, playwright and author, best known for her blockbuster comic novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
Lopez, Jennifer1Jennifer Lynn López (born July 24, 1969), also known as J. Lo, is an American actress, singer, fashion designer and dancer.
Lord, William Paine1William Paine Lord (July 1, 1838 – February 17, 1911) was a Republican politician who served as Governor of Oregon from 1895 to 1899. The Delaware native previously served as the 27th associate justice on the Oregon Supreme Court, including three times as the Chief Justice of that court. After serving as governor he was appointed as an ambassador to Argentina in South America and later helped to codify Oregon’s laws.
Lorde1Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor (born 7 November 1996), known by her stage name Lorde, is a Grammy Award-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter.
Lorde, Audre10Audre Geraldine Lorde (February 18, 1934 – November 17, 1992) was a multi-faceted writer and activist.
Lore, Nicholas17Nicholas Ayars “Nick” Lore (born July 12, 1944) is a social scientist specializing in career design methodology and multiple intelligences, best-selling author, and the founder of the Rockport Institute.
Loren, Sophia12Sophia Loren (born 20 September 1934) is an Italian actress.
Lorenz, Alfred2Alfred Ottokar Lorenz (July 11, 1868, Vienna - November 20, 1939 Munich) was an Austrian-German conductor, composer, and musical analyst. His principal work is the four-volume Das Geheimnis der Form bei Richard Wagner, which attempts to comprehensively analyze some of Richard Wagner's best-known operas. Lorenz's work reflects to a great extent his sympathy with Nazi ideology, and has only recently been discredited by scholarship.
Lorenz, Edward Norton2Edward Norton Lorenz (May 23, 1917 – April 16, 2008) was an American mathematician and meteorologist, and a pioneer of chaos theory. He discovered the strange attractor notion and coined the term butterfly effect.
Lorenz, Konrad11Konrad Zacharias Lorenz (November 7, 1903 – February 27, 1989) was an Austrian zoologist, animal psychologist, and ornithologist. He is one of the recipients of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He is often regarded as one of the founders of modern ethology.
Lorimer, George C.8George Claude Lorimer (1838 – 8 September 1904) was a noted reverend, and was pastor of several churches around the United States, most notably the Tremont Temple in Boston, Massachusetts.
Lott, Trent16Chester Trent Lott, Sr. (born October 9, 1941) is a former American politician. He was the U.S. Senator from Mississippi and a member of the Republican Party. He is the former Senate Majority Leader.
Lottini, Giovanni Francesco8Giovanni (Giovanfrancesco) Francesco Lottini (1512 – August 1572) was an Italian politician, writer and Catholic Bishop.
Lou Ye1Lou Ye (simplified Chinese: 娄烨; traditional Chinese: 婁燁; pinyin: Lóu Yè; Wade-Giles: Lou Yeh; born 1965) is a Chinese film-maker.
Lougheed, Peter1Edgar Peter Lougheed (July 26, 1928 – September 13, 2012) was a Canadian lawyer and politician. He served as the tenth Premier of Alberta from 1971 to 1985 as a Progressive Conservative.
Loughner, Jared Lee20Jared Lee Loughner (born September 10, 1988) is an American murderer and former college student who carried out the 2011 Tucson shooting, in which six people were killed, including John Roll, a United States federal judge, and at least 14 people were wounded, including U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).
Louis Agassiz8Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (28 May 1807 – 14 December 1873) was a Swiss-born American zoologist, glaciologist, and geologist and one of the first world-class American scientists. He was the husband of educator Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz.
Louis Armstrong8Louis Armstrong (4 August 1901 – 6 July 1971) was an American Jazz musician.
Louis IX of France6Louis IX (or Louis the Saint) (April 25 1214 – August 25 1270) was king of France from 1226. A biography of him was written by one of his barons, Jean de Joinville. Louis was canonized in 1297.
Louis L'Amour3Louis Dearborn L'Amour /ˈluːi ləˈmʊr/ (22 March 1908 – 10 June 1988) was an American author whose works consisted primarily of Western novels, which he called his "frontier stories", but who also wrote historical fiction, science fiction, nonfiction, poetry and short-stories.
Louis XIV of France6Louis XIV of France (baptised as Louis-Dieudonné) (5 September 1638 – 1 September 1715) ruled as King of France and of the Navarre from 1643. Louis established the French absolute monarchy and made France the main political power in western Europe in his time.
Louis, Pierre Charles Alexandre1Pierre Charles Alexandre Louis (1787–1872) was a French physician known for inventing the "numerical method", a precursor to modern clinical trials, and for his work on infectious diseases and bloodletting.
Lovato, Demi19Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato (born August 20, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter and actress.
Love, Courtney3Courtney Love (born 9 July 1964) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actress, and writer.  She is the frontwoman of the grunge band Hole.  She was the wife of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, with whom she had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.
Lovecraft, H. P.155Howard Phillips Lovecraft (20 August 1890 – 15 March 1937) was an American author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, noted for combining these three genres within single narratives and possibly best known for the creation of the Cthulhu Mythos. He is considered, along with Edgar Allan Poe, to be one of the greatest Horror writers.
Lovelace, Ada5Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852), born Augusta Ada Byron and now commonly known as Ada Lovelace, was an English mathematician and writer, daughter of the poet Lord Byron. She is chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage's early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. Her notes on the engine include what is recognised as the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine. Because of this, she is often described as the world's first computer programmer, or the "mother of computer programming".
Lovelace, Maud Hart2Maud Hart Lovelace (April 25, 1892 – March 11, 1980) was an American author best known for the Betsy-Tacy series.
Lovelock, James19Dr James Ephraim Lovelock CH CBE FRS (born July 26, 1919) is a British independent scientist, author, researcher, environmentalist and futurologist. He is most famous for proposing and popularizing the Gaia hypothesis, in which he postulates that the Earth functions as a kind of superorganism (a term coined by Lynn Margulis).
Lover, Samuel9Samuel Lover (February 24, 1797 – July 6, 1868) was an Irish songwriter, novelist, as well as a painter of portraits, chiefly miniatures. He was the grandfather of Victor Herbert.
Lovins, Amory8Amory Lovins (born 1947) is an American energy expert.
Low, David6Sir David Alexander Cecil Low (7 April 1891 – 19 September 1963) was a New Zealand cartoonist who settled in England. His most famous creation was Colonel Blimp, a pompous, befuddled, reactionary, military buffoon.
Low, Frank1Frank James Low (November 23, 1933 – June 11, 2009) was a solid state physicist who became a leader in the new field of infrared astronomy, after inventing the gallium doped germanium bolometer in 1961. This detector extended the range of the observable spectrum to much longer wavelengths.
Lowe, Nick8Nick Lowe (born Nicholas Drain Lowe on 24 March 1949) is an English singer-songwriter, musician and producer.
Lowell, James Russell159James Russell Lowell (22 February 1819 – 12 August 1891) was an American Romantic poet, critic, satirist, writer, diplomat, and abolitionist.
Lowell, Percival7Percival Lowell (March 13, 1855 – November 12, 1916) was an amateur astronomer. A millionaire, he founded a professional-quality observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona that is still in use. He is best known for his claims that Mars was covered with canals, which were due to intelligent life. This inspired H. G. Wells to write The War of the Worlds and Edgar Rice Burroughs to write his Mars novels. He also began a search for a ninth planet that led to the discovery of Pluto at his own observatory in 1930.
Lowell, Robert2Robert Traill Spence Lowell, IV (March 1, 1917 – September 12, 1977) was an American poet.
Lowery, Joseph4Rev. Dr. Joseph Echols Lowery (born October 6, 1921) is an American minister in the United Methodist Church and leader in the American civil rights movement. He later became the third president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, after Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his immediate successor, Rev. Dr. Ralph Abernathy, and participated in most of the major activities of the African-American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.
Lowes, John Livingston2John Livingston Lowes (December 20, 1867, Decatur, Indiana – August 15, 1945, Boston, Massachusetts) was an American scholar and critic of English literature.
Löwith, Karl1Karl Löwith (January 9, 1897 – May 26, 1973) was a German philosopher, a student of Heidegger.
Lown, Bernard14Dr. Bernard Lown (born 7 June 1921) is the original developer of the modern defibrillator and is an internationally known peace activist. He was one of the founders of Physicians for Social Responsibility, and with Yevgeniy Chazov, a co-founder of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.
Lowry, Lois2Lois Lowry (born Lois Ann Hammersberg; March 20, 1937) is an American writer credited with more than thirty children's books and an autobiography.
Lowry, Malcolm19Malcolm Lowry (28 July 1909 – 26 June 1957) was an English poet and novelist best known for his novel Under the Volcano.
Löwy, Michael4Michael Löwy (born 1938) is a French-Brazilian Marxist sociologist and philosopher.
Lu Xun7Lu Xun (1881–1936) was a Chinese writer.
Lubbock, John4John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury, PC (April 30, 1834 – May 28, 1913) was an English banker, politician, naturalist and archaeologist. He served as President of the Royal Statistical Society.
Lucado, Max5Max Lucado (born 11 January 1955) is a best-selling Christian author and a well-known minister.
Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus15Marcus Annaeus Lucanus (November 3, 39 – April 30, 65), better known in English as Lucan, was a Roman epic poet. In A.D. 65, at the age of 25, he was charged with treason against Nero, and was commanded to commit suicide.
Lucas, George12George Walton Lucas, Jr. (born 14 May 1944) is American film producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur, most famous for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies.
Lucas, Josh2Josh Lucas (born 20 June 1971) is an American actor.
Lucas, Robert, Jr.10Robert Emerson Lucas, Jr. (born 15 September, 1937) is an American economist at the University of Chicago. He received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1995.
Luccock, Halford Edward14Halford Edward Luccock (1885–1961) was a prominent American Methodist minister and professor of Homiletics at Yale's Divinity School
Luce, Clare Boothe6Clare Boothe Luce (April 10, 1903 – October 9, 1987) was an American playwright, journalist, editor, ambassador and political figure.
Lucero, Isabel Ruiz3Isabel Ruiz Lucero (30 March 1989) is an artist and the president of Heaven Sent Gaming, a company she cofounded with her high school sweetheart Mario J. Lucero in 2006.
Lucero, Mario J.4Mario J. Lucero (8 June 1988) is the CEO of Heaven Sent Gaming, a company he cofounded with his high school sweetheart Isabel Ruiz Lucero in 2006. He is primarily a designer, though he is also an independent musician.
Lucian15Lucian of Samosata (c. 125 – c. 190) was a satirist and philosopher, born at Samosata in the Syrian province of the Roman Empire (now in Turkey), but in later life resident in Athens. His works are written in the Attic dialect of Greek.
Lucie-Smith, Edward3John Edward McKenzie Lucie-Smith (born 27 February 1933) is a British poet, critic and anthologist. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, moving to the United Kingdom in 1946.
Lucius Accius2Lucius Accius (170 BC – 86 BC) was a Roman tragic poet.
Lucretius34Titus Lucretius Carus (c. 99 BC – 55 BC) was a Roman poet and philosopher. His major work is De Rerum Natura, On the Nature of Things, which is considered by some to be the greatest masterpiece of Latin verse.
Lucy Stone40Lucy Stone (13 August 1818 – 18 October 1893) was an American social activist and suffragette. She was married to abolitionist Henry Brown Blackwell and the mother of Alice Stone Blackwell.
Ludacris6Christopher Brian Bridges (born September 11, 1977), better known by his stage name Ludacris, is an American rapper and actor. Along with his manager, Chaka Zulu, Ludacris is the co-founder of Disturbing tha Peace, an imprint distributed by Def Jam Recordings. Ludacris has won a Screen Actors Guild, Critic's Choice, MTV, and several Grammy Awards during his career.
Ludendorff, Erich9Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff (April 9, 1865 – December 20, 1937) was a German Army officer, Generalquartiermeister during World War I, victor of Liège, and, with Paul von Hindenburg, one of the victors of the Battle of Tannenberg. After the war, he briefly supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. He was acquitted of criminal charges for his role in the Nazis' unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch. He became disillusioned with politics and retired from public life that year. When Ludendorff died in Tutzing in 1937, he was given a state funeral attended by Hitler, who declined to speak.
Luhmann, Niklas13Niklas Luhmann (December 8, 1927 – November 6, 1998) was a German sociologist, and a prominent thinker in sociological systems theory.
Luis Barragán5Luis Barragán (Guadalajara, March 9, 1902 - Mexico City, November 22, 1988) is considered the most important Mexican architect of the 20th century. He created an architectural style that combined modernism with the colonial and prehispanic architecture of Mexico. In 1980, he became the second winner of the Pritzker Prize. His house and studio, built in 1948 in Mexico City, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004.
Lukács, György1György Lukács (13 April 1885 – 4 June 1971) was a Hungarian philosopher, æsthetician, literary historian, critic, and Marxist.
Lukashenko, Alexander6Alexander Lukashenko (born 30 August 1954) is the current president of Belarus.
Lukofsky, Marla1Marla Lukofsky (born 1956) is a Canadian comedienne who starred as the voice of Playful Heart Monkey in Nelvana's Care Bears franchise.
Lukyanenko, Sergei2Sergey Lukyanenko (Russian: Сергей Лукьяненко) (born April 11, 1968) is a science fiction and fantasy author, writing in Russian, and is arguably the most popular contemporary Russian Sci-Fi writer. His works often feature an intense action-packed plots, interweaved with the moral dilemma of keeping one's humanity while being strong.
Lulu (singer)2Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, OBE (born 3 November 1948 in Lennoxtown, Stirlingshire), best known by her stage name Lulu, is a Scottish singer-songwriter, actor, model, and television personality who has been successful in the entertainment business from the 1960s through to the 2000s.
Lumumba, Patrice3Patrice Lumumba (1925-1961) was the first prime minister of the Republic of the Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1960. Lumumba helped bring independence to Congo. He was assassinated in 1961.
Lung Ying-tai7Lung Ying-tai (Chinese: 龍應台) (born 13 February 1952 in Kaohsiung) is a celebrated essayist and cultural critic, with a total of 17 published titles to her credit in Chinese. She was the Cultural Minister of Taipei in 1999. During her 4-year term as cultural architect of the city she has designed as well as practiced a new concept of cultural policy. Lung's poignant and critical essays contributed to the democratization of Taiwan and as the only Taiwanese writer with a column in major Chinese newspapers, she is considered one of the most influential writers in Mainland China as well.
Lunn, Arnold1Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn (18 April 1888 – 2 June 1974) was a skier, mountaineer and writer. He was knighted for "services to British Skiing and Anglo-Swiss relations" in 1952. He was born in Madras, India and died in London.
Lusha, Masiela27Masiela Lusha (born 23 October 1985) is an American-Albanian actress, author, and humanitarian. Lusha rose to fame for portraying the passionate and rebellious character Carmen Lopez on the ABC series, George Lopez. As an award winning poet, Lusha published her first book of poetry Inner Thoughts at the age of 12 and has since written a total of seven books. Lusha's charitable work focuses on social issues such as children rights and education.
Lustiger, Jean-Marie2Aaron Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger (17 September 1926 – 5 August 2007) was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and was Archbishop of Paris, 1981–2005. He was made a cardinal in 1983.
Luther, Martin121Martin Luther (November 10 1483 – February 18 1546) was a German theologian, an Augustinian monk, and an ecclesiastical reformer whose teachings inspired the Reformation and deeply influenced the doctrines and culture of the Lutheran and Protestant traditions.
Lutuli, Albert13Albert Lutuli (c. 1898 – 21 July 1967) was a South African teacher, activist, and politician. Luthuli was elected president of the African National Congress (ANC), an organization that led opposition to the Apartheid government in South Africa. He was awarded the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the non-violent struggle against apartheid and his advocacy of peaceful reconciliation.
Lutz, Bob1Bob Lutz (born February 12, 1932, in Zurich, Switzerland) is the General Motors Vice Chairman of Global Product Development.
Lutze, Viktor8Viktor Lutze (December 28, 1890 – May 2, 1943) was an SA officer who held the rank of Obergruppenführer in Nazi Germany. Lutze's participation in the Night of the Long Knives in 1934 was very important, as it was he who informed Adolf Hitler about Ernst Röhm's anti-regime activities. When the time came, Lutze assisted Hitler in making lists of those who should be liquidated starting with seven top SA officials and ending with more than 80. After the purge Lutze succeeded Röhm as Stabschef SA. Lutze maintained his position in the SA until his death. On May 1, 1943 he was driving a car near Potsdam with his family. Driving too fast in a curve caused an accident that badly injured Lutze. Viktor Lutze died during an operation in a hospital in Potsdam at 10:30 the next evening. Hitler ordered a lavish state funeral for him on May 7, 1943 in the Reich Chancellery and attended in person, something he rarely did at that stage in the war. Lutze was posthumously awarded the Highest Grade of the German Order by Hitler.
Luxemburg, Rosa21Rosa Luxemburg (5 March 1870 or 1871 – 15 January 1919) was a Marxist, revolutionary, and martyr.
Lyacos, Dimitris4Dimitris Lyacos (born 1966) is a Greek poet and playwright.
Lyadov, Anatoly1Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov or Liadov (May 11 O.S. April 29 1855 – August 28 O.S. August 15 1914) was a Russian composer, teacher and conductor.
Lycurgus1Lycurgus (in Greek Λυκουργος; 396–323 BC) was an Attic orator.
Lydgate, John21John Lydgate (1370–1449) was an English poet and translator. He is considered one of the leading English poets of the 15th century, and in his own day was often ranked alongside his master, Geoffrey Chaucer.
Lydia Lopokova1Lydia Lopokova, Baroness Keynes (born Lidia Vasilyevna Lopukhova) (Russian: Ли́дия Васи́льевна Лопухо́ва; 21 October 1892 – 8 June 1981) was a famous Russian ballerina during the early 20th century. She is known also as Lady Keynes, the wife of the economist John Maynard Keynes.
Lydon, John12John Joseph Lydon (born 31 January 1956) is an English rock musician also known as Johnny Rotten, the name he used when lead singer of seminal punk group the Sex Pistols. He was also lead vocalist for Public Image Ltd.
Lydon, Michael1Michael Lydon (1907-1970), was an Irish Fianna Fáil politician. A civil engineer, he was elected to Dáil Éireann as a Fianna Fáil Teachta Dála (TD) for the Galway West constituency at the 1944 general election. He was re-elected at the 1948 general election but lost his seat at the 1951 general election. He was an unsuccessful candidate at the 1954 and 1957 general elections.
Lyell, Charles96Sir Charles Lyell (14 November 1797 – 22 February 1875) was the foremost geologist of his day. He is best known as the author of Principles of Geology, which popularized James Hutton's concepts of uniformitarianism. Lyell was a close and influential friend of Charles Darwin.
Lyly, John27John Lyly (Lilly or Lylie) (c. 1553 – 1606) was an English writer, best known for his Euphues (1579).
Lynch, David47David Keith Lynch (born 20 January 1946) is an American film director, writer and actor.
Lynch, Jessica11Jessica Dawn Lynch (born 26 April 1983) is a former Quartermaster Corps Private First Class (PFC) in the United States Army, who became famous as a prisoner of war of the Iraqi military in the 2003 invasion of Iraq who was rescued by United States forces on 1 April 2003.
Lynch, Scott75Scott Lynch (born April 2, 1978, in Saint Paul) is an American fantasy author, best known for his Gentlemen Bastards series of novels.
Lynd, Robert Staughton 2Robert Staughton Lynd (September 26, 1892 – November 1, 1970) was an American sociologist, and professor at Columbia University, New York City.
Lyndsay, David7Sir David Lyndsay (or Lindsay) of the Mount, Lord Lyon King of Arms (c. 1486 – 1555) was the leading Scottish poet and playwright of the mid-16th century; also a courtier, a diplomat, and his country's highest-ranking herald.
Lynes, Russell2Joseph Russell Lynes, Jr. (December 2, 1910 – September 14, 1991) was an American art historian, photographer, author and managing editor of Harper's Magazine.
Lynn, Loretta2Loretta Webb Lynn (April 14, 1934 – ) is an iconic country singer, and the subject of the 1980 Oscar-winning biopic, Coal Miner's Daughter.
Lynne, Jeff7Jeff Lynne (born 30 December 1947) is a British singer-songwriter and record producer. He was a co-founder, guitarist, and the lead singer of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as a co-founder of the Traveling Wilburys.
Lyonne, Natasha12Natasha Lyonne (born 4 April 1979) is an American stage, film, and television actress.
Lyons, Daniel8Daniel Lyons (born 1960) was a senior editor at Forbes magazine and a writer at Newsweek.
Lyot, Bernard1Bernard Ferdinand Lyot (27 February 1897 in Paris – 2 April 1952 in Cairo) was a French astronomer.
Lyotard, Jean-François6Jean-François Lyotard (10 August 1924 – 21 April 1998) was a French philosopher and literary theorist.
Lysiak, Waldemar4Waldemar Łysiak (born 1944) is a Polish writer, art historian and journalist.
Lyte, Henry Francis5Henry Francis Lyte (June 1, 1793 – November 20, 1847) was an Anglican divine and hymn-writer.
Lythgoe, Nigel6Nigel Lythgoe (born July 9, 1949) is an English television and film director and producer. He is noted for being the producer of the shows Pop Idol and American Idol as well as creating, executive producing and being a regular judge for So You Think You Can Dance.
Lyttelton, George, 1st Baron Lyttelton8George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton (January 17 1709 – August 24 1773), known as Sir George Lyttelton, Baronet between 1751 and 1756, was a British politician and statesman and a patron of the arts.
Lyttleton, Humphrey6Humphrey Richard Adeane Lyttelton (23 May 1921 – 25 April 2008) was an English jazz musician and broadcaster, for 36 years chairman of the BBC radio programme I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
Lytton, Lady Constance1Lady Constance Georgina Bulwer-Lytton (1869–1923) was an English women's suffrage campaigner.
Lytton, Louisa1Louisa Claire Lytton (born 7 February 1989) is an English actress from Camden, London. She is most famous for playing Ruby Allen, in the BBC One soap opera EastEnders.
Lytton, Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of13Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton (8 November, 1831 – 24 November, 1891) was an English statesman, serving as Viceroy of India; and poet, under the pen name of Owen Meredith.
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