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As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.
If one has no vanity in this life of ours, there is no sufficient reason for living.
I'll tell everyone that the children are my reason for living, when in reality my life is their reason for living.
Dandish was the ideal empiricist. Pushing back the borders of ignorance, that was his only reason for living.
That the threat is now intense is not a reason to abandon our quest for knowledge. It is a reason to hold it more tightly, in spite of the need for action to preserve our freedom, in spite of the distractions of living in turmoil, that it may not be lost or brushed aside by the demands of the hour. We would not neglect our duty to our country and our fellows to strive mightily to preserve our ways and our lives. There is an added duty, not inconsistent, not less. It is the duty to so live that there may be a reason for living, beyond the mere mechanisms of life. It is the duty to carry on, under stress, the search for understanding.

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