Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind QuotesCosmos?

QuotesCosmos owes it's existence to an ever-increasing number of individuals and organizations spread throughout time and across the world. First and foremost, QuotesCosmos owes it’s existence to the support of family, friends, mentors and strangers whose input and ideas have been invaluable in guiding and assisting the founder and developer of QuotesCosmos who chooses to remain unnamed. QuotesCosmos owes it's family, friends, mentors and stranger supporters a great debt of gratitude for making this possible.

On a grander scale QuotesCosmos contains quotations from over 10,000 individuals whose quotations are foundational to the content of this site and who have motivated and inspired countless individuals across space and time. The majority of the quotations on QuotesCosmos have been made available via the Wikimedia Foundations' Wikiquote project and the volunteer Wikiquote Users who have curated and made these quotations available.

On the technical side, the Quotes Cosmos database and web application infrastructure is made possible through the efforts of many other programmers who have produced key building blocks software and made it available for reuse via open source software licensing agreements. This software includes: the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database software and Workbench, PHP server-side scripting language, jQuery javascript library, Bootstrap frontend framework, Masonry javascript grid layout library, Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools, Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons. The countless programmers who have contributed to these projects constitute the technical foundation and backbone of the website infrastructure before our eyes.

And of course, the authors, activists, creatives, scientists and countless other people who constitute much of the content of QuotesCosmos need be acknowledged as the true basis upon which this quotes site stands.

Thank you all.


When did QuotesCosmos come into being?

After years of trial and error in other Internet startup endeavors, Development of QuotesCosmos began in earnest in the fall of 2014 and the first pages were published online in July 2015.

When is QuotesCosmos updated?

Site-wide updates of QuotesCosmos are expected to occur monthly.


What is QuotesCosmos?

QuotesCosmos collects, organizes and disseminates factually verifiable, sourced quotes from reputable public domain information sources to educate and inform.

What time periods does QuotesCosmos cover?

QuotesCosmos quotations go back as far as the 10th or 11th century BC (as in some passages from the Bible) up to present day.


Where is QuotesCosmos based out of?

QuotesCosmos was founded and developed in the United States with Midwestern and West Coast roots. However, since we have quotes from over 100 languages around the world, our reach is international and broadening over time.

Our mailing address is:

548 Market St #13562
San Francisco, CA 94104-5401


How has QuotesCosmos come into being?

We work hard to get this application online and available for you to learn and become inspired. Behind the scenes we are working essentially all our productive waking hours, nearly everyday of the week. See the Who section above for more on the people, organizations and technologies which contribute to the existence of QuotesCosmos.

How is QuotesCosmos different from other quotations websites?

QuotesCosmos is dedicated to collecting, organizing and disseminating factually verified quotations that include it's information source from reputable public domain information sources. Most quotations sites on the Internet (Wikiquote and Quote Investigator being two notable exceptions) contain numerous inaccurate and misattributed quotes that have become commonplace across the Internet and offline where they continue to propagate. QuotesCosmos collects quotations exclusively from reliable public domain sources and always includes a citation to the information source for further verification. The organization and curation of information QuotesCosmos is expected to improve over time as we remain vigilant about accuracy, orderliness and verifiability of quotation information on QuotesCosmos.


Why QuotesCosmos?

QuotesCosmos was a project that came about whilst observing both the power of quotations to make a difference in people's lives alongside a general lack of reliable quotation information. Quotations represent the most verified database of human knowledge having withstood the ultimate test of time. By observing patterns and consistencies amongst quotes we can gather invaluable knowledge about our true natures and how to live our lives more fully and effectively. While there are over 200 quotation sites on the Internet, nearly all of them contain an abundance of inaccurate or misattributed quotations. This phenomenon has resulted in the spread of misinformation not only online and in hypermedia, but also extending to books, magazines and other offline media. QuotesCosmos is dedicated to helping to reducing this trend. A significant thrust of our mission is to become a dependable information source that can be relied upon for accurate quotations. QuotesCosmos wants to help educate and inform the public with factually accurate information.

Another important part of the QuotesCosmos mission is to better organize quotation information so that it is more easily found and relatable to other quotation information. QuotesCosmos wants to serve as a source to help educate and inform people as usefully as possible for application to real life.