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In Numbers the Israelites and their livestock were without water to drink in the desert. So God commanded Moses to speak to a rock. Instead Moses struck the rock with his rod and drinking water flowed from the rock (Numbers 20:2-11, compare also to Exodus 17:5-7). Striking the rock was considered disrespectful to God and Moses and Aaron would never make it into the Promised Land as a result (Numbers 20:7-11). Painting by Pieter de Grebber, 1630. Image Source

Numbers Summary

The Book of Numbers refers to two censuses Moses took to count the Isrealites. The Isrealites have recieved God's laws and He blesses them with His covenant. God tells Moses to bless the children of Israel saying, "The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace" (6:22-26). While the Israelites prepare to enter the Promised Land they face many trials.

The two population censuses Moses takes of Israelites is primarily for the purpose of numbering their men fit for military service. Key people include Aaron, Balaam, Balak, Caleb, Eleazar, Joshua, Korah, Miriam and Moses. The book covers the history of the Israelites who have received the laws and covenant from God and now travel from Mt. Sinai, wandering in the wilderness for 40 years while preparing to enter and take possession of the Promised Land that God had promised to Abraham. The Israelites face various hardships and ‘murmur’ or talk negatively about the leadership of Aaron and Moses while some 15,000 Israelites perish through various causes. After arriving at the border of Canaan where the Promised Land is, the Israelis refuse to take possession and they are condemned back into the wilderness until a new generation can take up the task successfully. The book ends with a new generation of Israelites on the plain of Moab ready to cross the Jordan River. Numbers shows the importance of holiness, faithfulness and trust: despite God's presence and his priests, Israel lacks faith and so the possession of the Promised Land is left to a new generation whom has sufficient faith in God to go forward and eventually conquer.

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Aaron with his son Eleazar and Moses climbed up Mount Hor. There Moses stripped Aaron of his priestly garments and transferred them to Eleazar. Aaron died on the summit of the mountain and was mourned by the Israelites for thirty days (Numbers 20:22-29; compare 33:38-39). Image Source


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