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For Armies, Cattle Driven With

2 KINGS 3:9In the Bible Verse Meaning

  • 9 So the king of Israel went, and the king of Judah, and the king of Edom: and they fetched a compass of seven days' journey: and there was no water for the host, and for the cattle that followed them.

• See Armies

For Royal Households

1 KINGS 4:7-19,27,28Verses in the Bible

  • 7 And Solomon had twelve officers over all Israel, which provided victuals for the king and his household: each man his month in a year made provision.
    1 Kings 4:7 Meaning
  • 8 And these are their names: The son of Hur, in mount Ephraim:
    1 Kings 4:8 Meaning
  • 9 The son of Dekar, in Makaz, and in Shaalbim, and Beth-shemesh, and Elon-beth-hanan:
    1 Kings 4:9 Meaning
  • 10 The son of Hesed, in Aruboth; to him pertained Sochoh, and all the land of Hepher:
    1 Kings 4:10 Meaning
  • 11 The son of Abinadab, in all the region of Dor; which had Taphath the daughter of Solomon to wife:
    1 Kings 4:11 Meaning
  • 12 Baana the son of Ahilud; to him pertained Taanach and Megiddo, and all Beth-shean, which is by Zartanah beneath Jezreel, from Beth-shean to Abel-meholah, even unto the place that is beyond Jokneam:
    1 Kings 4:12 Meaning
  • 13 The son of Geber, in Ramoth-gilead; to him pertained the towns of Jair the son of Manasseh, which are in Gilead; to him also pertained the region of Argob, which is in Bashan, threescore great cities with walls and brasen bars:
    1 Kings 4:13 Meaning
  • 14 Ahinadab the son of Iddo had Mahanaim:
    1 Kings 4:14 Meaning
  • 15 Ahimaaz was in Naphtali; he also took Basmath the daughter of Solomon to wife:
    1 Kings 4:15 Meaning
  • 16 Baanah the son of Hushai was in Asher and in Aloth:
    1 Kings 4:16 Meaning
  • 17 Jehoshaphat the son of Paruah, in Issachar:
    1 Kings 4:17 Meaning
  • 18 Shimei the son of Elah, in Benjamin:
    1 Kings 4:18 Meaning
  • 19 Geber the son of Uri was in the country of Gilead, in the country of Sihon king of the Amorites, and of Og king of Bashan; and he was the only officer which was in the land.
    1 Kings 4:19 Meaning
  • 27 And those officers provided victual for king Solomon, and for all that came unto king Solomon's table, every man in his month: they lacked nothing.
    1 Kings 4:27 Meaning
  • 28 Barley also and straw for the horses and dromedaries brought they unto the place where the officers were, every man according to his charge.
    1 Kings 4:28 Meaning


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