A Levite, his concubine and his servant are invited to lodge with a farmer returning from his fields in Gibeah, Canaan occupied by the Tribe of Benjamin. Later that night, a mob of Benjamites surround their house and the Levite gives them his concubine whom the mob rapes and she then dies. The Levite carves her into 12 pieces and sends them throughout Israel in an appeal for justice (Judges 19:14-30). This leads to the Battle of Gibeah wherein other tribes of Israel join the Levites to take revenge on the Tribe of Benjamin (Judges 20) which becomes referred to as "the smallest of all the tribes" due to so many if its tribe dying in battle. Saul, the first king of Israel, descends from the surviving Benjamites. See Judges 19:14–30. Image

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