David plays the harp before God as he becomes king of not only Judah, but of all of Israel. They also transfer the ark of God to the new capital in the City of David (also known as Zion or ancient Jerusalem) "David and all the house of Israel played before the LORD on all manner of instruments made of fir wood, even on harps, and on psalteries, and on timbrels, and on cornets, and on cymbals" (2 Samuel 6:1-5). See 2-Samuel 6:5. Image

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David gathers 30,000 men and brings the ark of God out of the house of Abinadab and places it on an oxcart to relocate it to the city of David. On the way they played "all manner of instruments" and "David danced before the LORD with all his might...with shouting, and with the sound of the trumpet." (v. 1-15) When "Michal Saul's daughter looked through a window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the LORD... she despised him in her heart." The ark is set in the tabernacle where "David offered burnt offerings and peace offerings" afterwhich he "blessed the people in the name of the LORD of hosts" (v. 16-18). David then served all of Israel bread, meat and wine. When David goes to bless his household Michal Saul's Daughter says, "How glorious was the king of Israel to day, who uncovered himself to day in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself!" (v. 20) to which David replied, "It was before the LORD, which chose me before thy father, and before all his house, to appoint me ruler over the people of the LORD, over Israel: therefore will I play before the LORD. And I will yet be more vile than thus, and will be base in mine own sight: and of the maidservants which thou hast spoken of, of them shall I be had in honour" (v. 21-22). Michal then "had no child unto the day of her death" (v. 23).

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