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On a Mission to Make Life Better
Through Quotations and Inspiration

Life is short and so full of potential. QuotesCosmos wants to help make the most of it. Connect to quotations and inspiration you can use to live a fuller, more meaningful life. QuotesCosmos lives by a three-part mission we commit to delivering to you:


Connect to Quotes You Can Use

We are passionate about delivering quotes you can apply in your life. Quotes to encourage, inspire and motivate you to move you closer to what matters most to you. The pursuit of effective quotations is something we, the creators of QuotesCosmos, have pursued for decades. We want to share that passion with you here, so you can benefit by putting these ideas into practical action in your everyday life. Inspiration applied.


Discover More Quotes You Love

To get you connected to more quotes you love, we relate quotes across time and space. Quotes range from ancient times to present day and cover all topics, types of people, places, and more. Follow relationships between quotes, to discover related material. Find more relevant, mind-expanding and self-empowering quotes than ever before imagined.


Get Sourced and Accurate Information

We want you to get good, reliable information you can trust. To ensure factual accuracy, QuotesCosmos sources all quotations from reputable, public domain sources. We adhere to journalistic standards of publishing. All articles are originals authored by QuotesCosmos or they provide clear attribution with citations to all source information. Attribution also provides an audit trail for verification and correction as needed. QuotesCosmos commits to reducing the proliferation of misinformation online and elsewhere. That way, you can take confidence in building on a true, facts-based foundation of information to make your life better.

To find out what questions we asks ourselves to help deliver on this mission, see our principles page. And remember, we always love to hear from you, so that we can serve you better.

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